1. Entertainment

    Jurassic Park Without CGI Is Still Surprisingly Great [Video]

    What would Jurassic Park look like if it was made pre-CGI and for a budget of less than thirty dollars? Pretty awesome/hilarious, if this video from Michael T. Mann is any indication. His creative remake is a reminder of what can be accomplished with cardboard, crayons, and a little Schwarzenegger. Seriously, that first dino reveal killed me.

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  2. Entertainment

    The Perils of Being in 3D: This Version of The Lion King’s Hilarious

    For people of a certain age, there's no denying that the seminal scenes from Disney's The Lion King had an impact on their childhood. Granted, not everyone was a child during the '90s, but those that were know the sting of Mufasa's final scene all too well. It's sad, and depressing, but rarely if ever has the phrase "spooky in a surreal way" been added to that mix. Someone somewhere considered this an oversight and made a video to solve this problem.

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  3. Science

    Dancing Column of Ball Pit Balls is Some Pretty CGI [Video]

    The above video featuring a project in which a team modifies plastic ball pit balls to be affected by an electromagnet, then makes the modified balls dance in a pretty formation of multicolored plastic, was created by a CGI company Physalia. Yes, that means the dancing balls weren't actually being manipulated in real life, and yes, an electromagnet that big would certainly affect objects in the room that were close enough to it, but that doesn't make the video any less pretty.

    The video was created for the RE:PLAY Film Festival, wherein teams were tasked with creating a piece with the theme of "happy," and thus, a dancing column of ball pit balls was born.

    (via reddit)

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  4. Weird

    Taiwanese CGI Rings in the New Year with Father Time 2010 and Baby New Year 2011 Kicking Each Other in the Face

    Ridiculous Taiwanese "news network," NMA TV, rings in 2011 by showcasing a fight between Father Time 2010 and Baby New Year 2011. The video features an old man sneakily kicking a baby in a top hat in the face, and a retaliation of floating bicycle kicks. Though Father Time 2010 loses out, Taiwanese CGI declares the year ends on a cliffhanger, as many of 2010's biggest issues begin to gang up on Baby New Year 2011.

    Did I mention the baby in a top hat is wearing a diaper and has a gun? Because the baby in a top hat is wearing a diaper and has a gun.

    (via Mediaite)

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  5. Entertainment

    No More 2D-Cartoons-As-3D Movies. Stop It.

    Back in 1988, an amazing movie featuring human interaction with animated characters was released. It was called "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" and it signaled a shift in my childhood perspective on animated characters. As a child who had gone through a phase of adamant refusal to watch anything that wasn't animated, "Roger Rabbit" was my first real exposure to an acknowledgement of animated characters in a live-action world. And it was fascinating. The 'Toons were like another race of linguistically developed, perhaps further evolved humanoid creatures that these people lived alongside with little consequence. (Unless a 'Toon killed your brother.) But they were still cartoons. They weren't flesh and blood people, they were Ink 'n' Paint. So, my beef with the influx of 3D animation/live action movies is this: Are we supposed to think these characters are real now? Seriously? When we see characters like Garfield, Marmaduke, the Chipmunks, Yogi Bear, etc. interacting with humans, animated to look like they were born of this world, organic, living creatures that look freakishly unlike other animals of their species (is Yogi an av-er-age bear in this world, or is an average bear an average bear? or is Yogi the only one like that? WHY? What happened?), how is it that the humans with whom they interact don't question it?

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  6. Weird

    Taiwanese CGI Takes on TSA Outrage

    Haven't been closely following the outrage over the TSA's latest battery of unpopular rules, the critics of which say that they force air passengers to choose between humiliating examinations-by-groping and "porn-scans" in possibly carcinogenic X-ray emitting machines, possibly violating 4th Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, all for the sake of empty security theater which does little to actually increase safety? You're in luck! The insane but pop culture-savvy Taiwanese animators at NMA have distilled it all down to one handy short animation, complete with dynamite-laced "Osama's Secret" lingerie and a "patdown in a private room" that begins with creepy porny saxophone music. (via Laughing Squid)

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  7. Entertainment

    8 Moving Internet Tributes to Steven Slater

    Since yesterday evening, the visual of flight attendant and now working-class hero Steven Slater dual-wielding beers on his glorious slide out of a JetBlue plane has joined the hallowed roster of martyrs who were mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

    It certainly struck a chord with the Internet. Within hours, the web had rallied around Slater’s incredible story, impressed by his just-don’t-give-a-f–k antics, after slogging year after year (for a total of 20) through the rudeness and abuse of customers. Working stiffs around the world are now wishing they had the insane courage to do the same. In Slater’s honor, we’ve gathered some of the shows of appreciation that have welled forth from the Internet below:

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  8. Entertainment

    You Won’t Like Bangladesh’s Hulk Knockoff When He’s Angry; Ever [Video]

    Not since Who Killed Captain Alex? have we seen such lunacy in a foreign film or elsewhere. Bangladesh's HALKa PAGLA is a film about ... well, we have no idea actually. Like Who Killed Captain Alex?, it prominently features terrible CGI fire and a terrible CGI helicopter; it ups the ante, however, with a terrible CGI tank, which I decree all film studies classes that cover HALKa PAGLA shall call "the bendy tank," sunglasses which glow with CGI electricity, and, of course, an Incredible Hulk who can only be described with the picture above. In short, the trailer will melt your mind, but the film would probably bore you.

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  9. Tech

    “Kitty”: One of the First-Ever Computer Animations

    "Kitty" is one of the first computer animations ever made: It was produced in Russia in 1968 under the direction of one N.Konstantinov, who led a team of physicists and mathematicians to produce something that looks a bit like an ASCII art flipbook today, but must have been remarkable at the time given the state of computing technology.

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