1. Science

    Scientists Discover a New State of Matter in Chicken Eyes

    Scientists have discovered a system of matter unlike anything they've ever seen before, capable of being both crystal-like and a liquid. The new matter is called "disordered hyperuniformity," it may drastically change the way we can design materials, and, oh yeah, it's only found in chicken eyes.

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  2. Science

    Chicken and Egg Both Came Before This Chicken or the Egg Video

    It's a question that many have pondered: Which came first, chicken or the egg? The obvious argument is that the chicken couldn't have been born without an egg, but an egg couldn't have been laid without the chicken. Folks go back and forth, and it typically descends into a cyclical conversation where each side constantly says the other is wrong without being able to really disprove legitimate assertions. It's certainly a quandary when taken at face value, but when you break it down, as AsapSCIENCE has, there's really only one answer.

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  3. Weird

    You (Yes, You!) Can Knit Some Jackets for Rescued Hens

    When the chickens used on commercial farms are past their prime, some farms will simply sell off their birds for slaughter. However, some birds find their way into the hands of groups like the Little Hen Rescue, who step in and find homes for these birds. Unfortunately, the hens aren't always in the best shape when they reach the rescue. Often times, the practice of farming chickens leaves the birds bald, stressed, and sick. To help readjust these birds to life outside the confines of commercial farms, the rescue fits the bald birds with (adorable little) sweaters to keep them warm. That's where the knitters in our audience come in. Little Hen Rescue has posted a pattern for the jackets and is encouraging anyone willing to help to knit and donate sweaters for a rescued bird. Read on after the break for the pattern, or get it directly from the Little Hen Rescue.

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