1. Space

    Watching This Small Child Crying Over the Shutdown NASA Website Is the Actual Saddest Thing Ever [Video]

    According to his mother, a newscaster named Ybeth Bruzual, this little guy went to play his favorite online games on and got very upset when he discovered that it was gone. It's the look on his face when Bruzual attempts to explain the government shutdown that really hits us the hardest. We feel his pain. His adorable, adorable pain.

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  2. Tech

    Amazing Toy Series Lets Kids Customize Their Own Adorable Robot

    You know what's better than playing with robots? Getting to build your own robots and then draw awesome faces and clothing on them using only your imagination. That's the dream Ultra Ordinaire wants to make into a reality with their line of Play Communs toys, which they unveiled at MakerFaire this year. Man, how did we miss these?

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  3. Entertainment

    Radical! California Rec Center Will Offer Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Themed Classes

    Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie keeps getting it's release date pushed back, thank God -- but what's a turtle obsessed individual to do with themselves until the film comes out and crushes all their dreams? Sign up for Ninja Turtle training classes, of course. You know, like you do.

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  4. Weird

    12-Year-Old Robs Lemonade Stand With BB Gun in Real Life Little Rascals Story

    Crime is no joke, but sometimes it's at least a little bit adorable. A lemonade stand run by a 10-year-old was robbed on Monday by a 12-year-old with a BB gun. The li'l thug made off with the till only to be run down by another group of kids -- at least one of whom we hope was dressed as Batman at the time.

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  5. Science

    Your Creepy Friend Who Acts Like Their Dog Is a Child is Actually Pretty Normal, Says New Study

    Okay, admit it -- you have made baby-talk noises at an animal at least once in your life. It's okay, we've all been there. Sometimes it's just not possible to speak in rational, logical sentences in the presence of an adorable puppy. But apparently that's not where the similarities between standard parent/child and owner/dog relationships end, according to a new study released by the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna. In fact, it's only the wet-nosed tip of the giant dog-shaped iceberg.

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  6. Weird

    Colorado Kids Hospitalized After Snacking on Pot Cookies

    This right here, folks? This is why we can't have nice things. A recent study published online by JAMA Pediatrics found that one hospital in Colorado is dealing with a new medical phenomenon in the wake of marijuana being approved for medicinal use in the state -- children being hospitalized after unwittingly snacking on their parents' therapeutic pot brownies.

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  7. Tech

    Report Suggests Kids Born Today Will Spend 25% Of Their Lives Looking At Screens

    How much time do you spend staring at a screen  on a daily basis? Probably not as long as your kids will, if there's anything to a new study released today, which found that kids in the United Kingdom will spend an average of 1/4 of their lives watching a screen of some sort. If that seems a little low to you -- and it does to us -- keep in mind that number isn't counting hours spent at work, where watching videos of cats being cute or people hurting themselves or cute cats hurting people is most prevalent, meaning that the real hours spent watching a TV, computer or phone screen will register somewhere around "all of them."

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  8. Entertainment

    Nerdy British Children Rejoice: McDonald’s Offering Books in U.K. Happy Meals

    Instead of the usual cheap plastic toy, for the next five weeks McDonald's is offering children in the U.K. books with their Happy Meals. That probably means there are a lot of disappointed British children, but for the faction of nerdy little Britons who love books as much as we do, it's a banner day under the golden arches. During the promotion, McDonald's intends to give out one book with every Happy Meal they sell. If that's true, it will inadvertently make them the largest children's book distributor in the United Kingdom.

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  9. Tech

    Post Pictures of Your Kids Online, They’ll Thank You Later

    In an editorial piece published yesterday on TechCrunch titled "The Gift of Online Privacy," Cyan Banister calls for parents to think twice before sharing every milestone in their child's life on the Internet. As the title implies, she considers privacy one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to their child. I disagree. As proof, the above image isn't some picture I pulled off the Internet. That's the 20-week ultrasound of my daughter. I'll post a photograph of her in about six weeks when she's born, because I think photographs make a better gift than privacy.

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  10. Weird

    Lottery Tickets for Christmas Could Turn Kids Into Degenerate Gamblers for Life

    The lottery -- or as you may know it, "taxes for people who don't think they pay enough taxes yet" -- is a fun game, and an only slightly less effective means of losing money than, say, setting it ablaze in a large pile or just flushing it directly down the toilet. It's also easier on your ventilation and sewage systems than those options, which concludes our thorough summary of all of the virtues of playing the lottery. Oh, wait, there's one more -- lottery tickets make fun holiday gifts for children that you have forgotten to buy holiday gifts for, and only might doom them to a lifetime of shattered dreams, broken promises, and horses who just couldn't quite keep it going down the stretch. According to a report issued today by the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors at McGill University, getting lottery tickets as holiday gifts can be a gateway into problem gambling for children. Even if it doesn't, though, best case scenario, it's teaching that kid to do a staggeringly stupid thing, as in play the lottery, so maybe don't do that, just on principle.

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  11. Tech

    App Kids: Developers are Lying About Advertising to Children

    Earlier this year the Federal Trade Commission(FTC) issued a report titled Mobile Apps for Kids: Current Privacy Disclosures are Disappointing (cringe-inducing emphasis theirs). They surveyed apps available from both iOS and Android platforms to see how available things like privacy practices were prior to downloading, and it's probably not shocking that their findings were disappointing, so the FTC told everyone involved to straighten up. Today the FTC released the findings of a follow-up study to see how things are improving. In short: They're not. In fact, the findings of the new report are even worse than the old one. Stay classy, app developers.

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  12. Tech

    Progeny’s Piracy Not Problem of Parents, Preteen Pirates Probably Pleased

    Pirates that also happen to be children might have just been given a free pass. After a 2007 case saw the parents of a then 13-year-old pirate get stuck with a bill of 5,380 euros for lack of parental supervision, the duo appealed on the grounds that they had told their son it was illegal. They argued that, by informing, they'd met their parental obligations. Yesterday, Germany's Federal court agreed and dismissed the case entirely.

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  13. Science

    5-Year-Olds are Generous, but Only When Being Watched

    It's good news, bad news time again, everyone! The good news? Five-year-old kids can be very generous and inclined to share their toys. The bad news? They're only likely to do so if they know they're being watched. So anyone who was still holding onto that dream wherein we're all just naturally good people who are inclined to help one another out: You can let that one die. On the plus side, the rest of us will finally stop laughing at you. Y'know, to your face anyway.

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  14. Entertainment

    This Song About Fear is Easily the Most Twisted Thing You’ll See Today [Video]

    This video, teaching us all about fear in children, teaches us something about fear in grown adults, in that this thing is pure terror. Enjoy.

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  15. Entertainment

    Child’s Valentine’s Day Card is Unintentionally Threatening, Hilarious

    When you're a kid, you don't quite grasp the finer points of subtle implication. Or maybe you do, and you use your parents' assumptions otherwise to make them increasingly uneasy with your progressively less subtle suggestions that they are completely at your mercy, now and forever, and you are not to be angered. You know, testing the depths of their denial. Or maybe Michelle here just thought she'd remind her parents that life is a gift, oblivious of the creepy undertones. It has to be the second one, right? Yeah. Right?

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