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    Tell Your Inner Fourth-Grader to Get Pumped: We’re Getting an Encyclopedia Brown Movie

    After nearly a half-century of writing, Donald Sobol's series of children's books following the adventures of plucky boy detective Encyclopedia Brown are set to be transformed into a big screen blockbuster. Protagonist Leroy "Encyclopedia" Brown, so nicknamed for his impressive and occasionally unnerving memory and intelligence, solves mysteries in twenty-eight books, often by asking a single question or forcing the guilty party to incriminate themselves. He's joined by his best friend and unofficial bodyguard Sally Kimball in a small detective agency in his garage, frequented mostly by other children.

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    Neil Gaiman Announces a New Book, Interstellar Dinosaurs Are Involved

    We've heard murmurs about Neil Gaiman's upcoming children's book for a while, but now the author himself is chatting it up. In what sounds as delightfully nonsensical as the ravings of Lewis Carroll but with 100% more dinosaurs, Gaiman has just officially announced an his next children's book, Fortunately, the Milk. By all means, check out the video of the always adorably awkward Gaiman describing the book below.

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    Star Wars + Goodnight Moon = Goodnight Forest Moon

    For a friend's son's birthday, the right honorable Noah Dziobecki rewrote and re-illustrated the classic children's book Goodnight Moon. You can find a free PDF of the entire book, and instructions on how to craft it into a bound copy for yourself own little one, here.

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