Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. Weird

    Choose Your Own SexVenture With Déjàmor’s Sexy Tales Phone Message Service

    Ever been stuck on the phone with an automated message system and thought, "This would be so hot if only this robot voice would ask me about my penis?" Then do we have the product for you! Déjàmor, a company that primarily sells monthly romance box subscriptions, has decided to expand into the "aural pleasure" zone with a service that lets you record Chose Your Own Adventure-style phone sex recordings for your partner to play later. Considering how awkward phone sex can get, removing some of the human element from it might actually be a good idea. That way, you can both feel crippled by embarrassment at a completely safe distance from one another.

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  2. Entertainment

    Choose Your Own Adventure Available on iBooks, Complete with Maps

    Print may be dying, but that doesn't mean that it's single greatest contribution can't make the leap to digital with these Choose Your Own Adventure books on iBooks. True to their 1980s roots, these stories are still presented as books with links to other pages at critical decision points. However, there have been a few upgrades -- such as a map to help guide your way.

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  3. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 9/18

    Mega Man Universe Will Have Hideous Box Art Mega Man (Wired) IBM Choose Your Own Adventure Patent Story Explained Through Choose Your Own Adventure Story (Geeks are Sexy) New Bill and Ted Movie Possible? (Bleeding Cool) Ghost Rider 2 Dated (ScreenRant) Critical Meme Density Shirt (Fashionably Geek) More Awesome Muppet Shirts Than You Can Shake A Stick At (ToughPigs) Scott Pilgrim and Evil Exes: Gender Swapped (Project: Rooftop) (pic by Dean Trippe via Comics Alliance.)

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  4. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 7/16

    Casting sensitive geeks: Choose-Your-Own-Adventure edition (Vulture) The coolest painted video game consoles (Buzzfeed) Will the Vermontasaurus go extinct? (Neatorama) KFC losing gamble on Double Down chicken sandwich (WalletPop) 10 minor Star Wars characters with completely unnecessary backstories (Topless Robot) A Q&A with the Creator of "I Write Like": "The Algorithm is Not a Rocket Science" (The Awl) The biggest lies people tell in online dating (OK Cupid) (title image via Reddit)

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  5. Weird

    The 10 Greatest Interactive YouTube Adventures

    There is no greater modern hub for diversion than YouTube. But sometimes the experience can just be too passive. Sometimes sitting back and watching other people get hit with things isn't enough. Sometimes, you need to choose what they get hit with. And when you're in that mood to interact, YouTube is still there to help you (because video games are expensive). Below I have compiled the list of the top ten interactive YouTube videos. Choose your own adventure as you click through from video to video as the narrative, game, or whatever the flip it is unfolds. Make sure your annotations are on, and happy voyaging!

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  6. Entertainment

    Choose Your Own Adventure — On Twitter

    BuzzFeed and HuffPo co-founder and Nike Sweatshop Email correspondent Jonah Peretti has added another, arguably grander feather to his cap: A handcrafted Choose Your Own Adventure game, in homage to the classic, nostalgia-inducing children's book series, playable entirely on Twitter.

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