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  1. Tech

    Twitter Got a Tool to Look up First Tweets for Its Birthday, We’ve Got Some Famous Ones for You

    You're probably going to get a walk down memory lane in your Twitter feed today, because Twitter now has a tool to instantly pull up anyone and everyone's first tweet for its 8th birthday tomorrow. So, what did some of our favorite Twitter personalities have to say in their first 140 characters?

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  2. Space

    Watch Chris Hadfield’s TED Talk About the Time He Went Blind in Space, Then Be Glad You’re on Earth

    Our favorite Canadian astronaut/rock star Chris Hadfield gave a TED Talk this month in Vancouver where he recounted the time he went blind in space, and spoke about how scary and dangerous being an astronaut really is. It's fascinating, informative, and a little terrifying.

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  3. Space

    Let Chris Hadfield Tell You Which Space Movie Is Most Accurate and Other Absolutely True Space Facts [Video]

    Retired astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield is pretty much the greatest, and now he and Team Coco are using his vast body of astronaut knowledge to clear up any misconceptions people may have about space. And also mustaches. Space and mustaches, and the relationship thereof, which Hadfield is an expert on.

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  4. Entertainment

    How Do You Make Chris Hadfield’s “Space Oddity” Cover Better? By Adding Puppets [Video]

    Mario and Fafa of the popular YouTube series "Glove and Boots" wanted to sing with Commander Chris Hadfield in space, so they did the next best thing: tape over that time Chris Hadfield did it himself last year and add some kickin' harmonies. Of course, we should point out that Mario and Fafa also happen to be puppets. That's probably important.

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  5. Space

    Nothing Can Make Us Stop Playing with This Chris Hadfield Paper Doll

    If you have scissors, a printer, and nothing to do for a while, you can print out this paper doll of astronaut Chris Hadfield and have space adventures on your desk. The doll was designed by Cloe Ashton and is available from Mad Art Lab. It features a spacesuit or a more casual look. You can also just have Hadfield in his underwear and cowboy hat.

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  6. Entertainment

    Youtube’s Top Ten List of “Geek Videos” for 2013 Is Much Better Than Their Other Lists

    You've seen the 2013 Top Ten List of overall videos by now, we're guessing, and if you're like us then you found them a bit lacking in stuff like Chris Hadfield singing in space or giant terrifying cheetah robots. Well, never fear! Youtube's weird obsession with "geeks" paid off for us with this awesome Top Ten Trending list.

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  7. Entertainment

    Chris Hadfield Keeps Being the Best, Covers “Across the Universe” With the Wexford Gleeks

    Canadian astronaut, musician, and our collective geek crush Chris Hadfield appeared on CBC News Toronto recently, and part of his appearance was a performance of the Beatles classic "Across the Universe" with the Wexford Gleeks. The choir tries to force some Christmas music into it to fit with a "Sounds of the Season" theme, but enjoy it anyway.

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  8. Space

    Chris Hadfield Is Going To Be In The National Ballet’s Performance Of “The Nutcracker”

    Internet hero and all-around inspiring dude Chris Hadfield has already commanded the International Space Station, written a book, and captured the imaginations of people around the world. Naturally, the next item on his to-do list was to become a professional ballerina - and the National Ballet is giving him his chance.

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  9. Entertainment

    Chris Hadfield Spoke About Gravity and Sandra Bullock’s Underwear on Conan

    Commander Chris Hadfield was on Conan last night! Besides talking about his new book An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth, the two also discussed the film Gravity, Sandra Bullock's underwear, and how Hadfield's incredible "Space Oddity" video almost didn't happen.

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  10. Space

    Astronaut Does Laundry Because of Chris Hadfield’s Book [VIDEO]

    Former International Space Station Commander and Canadian Legend Chris Hadfield is releasing a book called An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth on October 29th - and to promote it, Book Lounge is making a series of videos featuring astronauts just trying to do every-day stuff. They're predictably hilarious.

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  11. Space

    Watch an Astronaut Try to Get Into a Tent Because Chris Hadfield Wrote a Book

    Our Canadian Space Hero Commander Chris Hadfield has a book coming out on October 29th, and to promote it Book Lounge made this video of a fully suited-up astronaut trying to get into a small tent. We don't know why we love this, but we sure do love it.

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  12. Space

    Chris Hadfield As David Bowie Is Out-Of-This-World Awesome

    If you thought Commander Chris Hadfield couldn't get any more awesome - first, don't ever underestimate Hadfield, come on. Second, you have to check out the cover of Canadian magazine Maclean's, because they've got Hadfield on their cover done up like David Bowie, and it's perfection.

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  13. Tech

    Not Just for the Military Anymore: FAA Certifies Two Drones for Civilian Flights

    We cover a lot of drone stories on Geekosystem. We don't always agree on how they're being used, but we certainly agree that they're cool. We want a drone of our own, but that's been an unrealistic dream -- until now. The FAA has approved two drone models for civilian use. We're one step closer to a Geekosystem drone piloting the skies constantly on the lookout for geek news.

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  14. Space

    Happy Canada Day, Everyone! Help Chris Hadfield Decide Where to Put This Tattoo [Updated]

    It's Canada Day! Even though we're in the U.S. we thought it would be a good time to help one of our favorite Canadians solve the problem of temporary tattoo placement. Astronaut, space rock star, and Canadian Chris Hadfield tweeted out this picture of a temporary Canadian flag tattoo asking for advice on where to put it. Any suggestions?

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  15. Space

    “Attending” Your High School Reunion From Space Means You Win Your High School Reunion

    Not everyone likes to admit it, but the real purpose of a high school reunion is to see how much better you're doing than all those chumps with which you graduated. It looks like everyone from the Henning High School class of '88 was shown up this year, because their former classmate is astronaut Karen Nyberg, and she "attended" the reunion via video link from the International Space Station. It's hard to brag about your job to someone floating 200 miles above you.

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