1. Gaming

    Nintendo Is Finally Fixing Their eShop’s Christmas-Related Overload, It Will Go Down for Maintenance Later Today

    New Nintendo system owners eager to start buying games and downloading or updating apps on their shiny Christmas presents created an influx of traffic that Nintendo's eShop wasn't prepared for. If you've been trying for the past few days to set up your Nintendo ID and explore Nintendo's online offerings, they're fixing it later today.

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  2. Entertainment

    Stop Everything, We Found the Best Geeky Christmas Sweater Ever

    Yes, we know we already did a round-up of the best geeky Christmas sweaters and yes, we know Christmas is technically over, but we think you'll agree that this Star Trek: The Next Generation sweater that Kristen Meale-Beatty designed for her husband is worth highlighting. And also stealing. More pictures after the jump!

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  3. Tech

    Amazon and Other Online Retailers Ruin Christmas with Late Packages, but There May Be an Upside

    Amazon and other online retailers failed to meet promised Christmas deliveries, which no doubt meant a disappointing holiday for some, but there's a bright side here. You can now buy late presents for people and blame Amazon! And really, isn't a scapegoat the greatest Christmas gift of all?

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  4. Weird

    “Santa Classics” Reimagines Famous Works of Art With Santa Claus Photoshopped In

    Artist and photographer Ed Wheeler has always felt that a good number of classic artworks are missing something very crucial -- an appearance by Santa Claus. So he put together a series in which he dresses up as Father Christmas and corrects the imbalance himself, often with humorous results. Check out some examples of his work in this gallery.

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  5. Gaming

    It’s Not Too Late to Decorate Your Space with These Minecraft Snowflakes

    In case you haven't noticed, we are all about geeky christmas decorations here at Geekosystem. You know, what with being geeks and all. Geek! So these Minecraft snowflakes are gonna go great next to the Star Wars and Game of Thrones ones we've already made. Let's just hope they all get along on our tree.

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  6. Entertainment

    Geekosystem Podcast Episode 13 “Elfnog”

    It's our Christmas episode! We decided to celebrate by determining what liquor tastes best in eggnog with an "experiment." Sometimes experiments mean drinking at work. We're also joined again by Weekend Editor Sam Maggs to talk about our Editors' Picks for this week.

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  7. Tech

    Pretend to Track Santa With Surprising “Accuracy” and Bug Your Friends Thanks to Google’s Santa Tracker

    It's Christmas Eve, which means "Santa" is "delivering presents" all over the world. *wink* Where's the big man now, and more importantly when's he showing up with your stuff? Google's Santa Tracker will let you know when to expect him, and more silly details.

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  8. Weird

    13 of the Geekiest, Ugliest Christmas Sweaters We Could Find

    It wouldn't be the holidays without some ridiculously ugly Christmas sweaters. Note that we here are using the term "ugly" to not necessarily mean "bad," because rest assured that we would put any and all of these nerd-themed sweaters on our bodies without a moment's hesitation. So maybe ugly is the wrong word to use. Let's say they're... special.

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  9. Weird

    Wait. That Disgusting “Christmas Tinner” Meal-in-a-Can Was Real!?

    A few weeks ago we told you about the Christmas Tinner, a nine-layered canned food product we thought was a hoax for the pure absurdity of it. Over the weekend we got an email tip from YouTuber Steviejacko who claims to have tried it, and he sent us his video review.

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  10. Entertainment

    This Dalek Just Wants To Wish You A Whovian Merry Christmas [VIDEO]

    How does a Dalek prepare for Christmas? Well, by trimming a tree, of course - just a touch differently than the rest of us! From John Smith (the creator of that incredible Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover), this little holiday card from everyone's favorite exterminators is both heartwarming and horrifying.

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  11. Weird

    Learn About the Origins of 27 Winter Holiday Traditions with John Green and Mental Floss

    Traditions are a very weird thing that humans do. Like, who decided to cut trees down and throw them in our living rooms all covered with shiny things so that Jesus would notice us on his birthday? In fact, the origins of most winter holiday traditions are a bit murky, so John Green is here to tell you all about them.

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  12. Weird

    Here’s A Song About Decorating Your Face For Christmas That Will Probably Haunt Your Nightmares [Video]

    In "Christmas Face," Rhett and Link invite fellow Youtubers Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart to paint themselves different colors and stick tinsel on themselves for the holiday season. Sure, it sounds festive and cute when you talk about it, but it's actually kind of... terrifying in practice. The weird synth vocals probably don't help matters.

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  13. Entertainment

    Best Buds Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart Continue Best Buds With New Best Bud Santa Claus

    If you haven't taken a photo for your Christmas cards yet this year, don't bother. Just use this one of Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on Santa's lap, because really, how are you going to top it? The only way this gets better is if we find out it's Chris Hadfield in the Santa suit.

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  14. Space

    [Updated] Watch Live Stream of Spacewalk as Astronauts Attempt to Repair International Space Station

    International Space Station astronauts will be working to repair the faulty coolant system with a series of spacewalks that begin early Saturday morning. You can watch live right here with coverage starting on NASA TV at 6:15AM EST with the spacewalk beginning at 7:10AM.

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  15. Entertainment

    Look! More “Time Of The Doctor” Footage In This BBC Christmas Trailer

    Christmas is only a week away, so the BBC has been ramping up their Doctor Who promotion a bit more. In between clips of Strictly Come Dancing and other BBC shows, we've got a quick look at -- well, a lot of Cybermen. A lot of Cybermen. Yikes. Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without 'em, would it?

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