1. Weird

    CNN Is Upworthy Now and Everything Sucks

    We here at Team Geekosystem like to make fun of Upworthy. Not because we don't think trying to make social justice viral content isn't commendable, of course; it's because we hate their manipulative headlines. Even worse, we fear that other sites might try to use the same tricks to make us click on them. As it turns out, that fear is justified.

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  2. Tech

    BuzzFeed and CNN Sitting in a Tree, Y-O-U-T-U-B-E

    Internet-list authority BuzzFeed has teamed up with CNN and YouTube to create a "CNN BuzzFeed" channel on the popular video site. The channel will feature archival footage, and create new content that we imagine will fall somewhere between ridiculous link bait and regular link bait. Get ready for headlines like, "15 Biggest White House Press Briefing Fails" and, "9 Cats That Are Sick and Tired of Partisan Bickering."

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  3. Weird

    There’s Nothing Funny About Voter Fraud, Except Maybe This Reddit Thread

    When a video purporting to be of  a malfunctioning voting machine in Pennsylvania showed up earlier today, a pair of web-savvy CNN reporters were hot on the case, looking for assistance from the Reddit community in confirming the veracity of the video. That is some well-intentioned, shoe leather journalism...that went about exactly as well as you might expect. It probably didn't help that the two reporters in question go by the handles CNNkyle and CNN_eric, a fact that opened the door to a lot of South Park jokes, and that's just for starters.

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  4. Entertainment

    Rumor: CNN to Buy Mashable Tomorrow

    Strange news is trickling out of the SXSW conference, where Reuters blogger Felix Salmon says "a little bird told him" that cable news powerhouse CNN is going buy the Internet and technology website Mashable. The cost of the rumored acquisition is $200 million, and Salmon says could be announced as early as Tuesday.

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  5. Entertainment

    James Cameron to Venture to Challenger Deep, Ocean’s Deepest Known Point

    Director of films with one word titles like as Titanic and Avatar, James Cameron is aiming to accomplish something noteworthy that doesn't involve an Oscar, actors, or even vaguely cat-lookin' aliens; he's going to venture to the ocean's deepest depths. And maybe, just maybe, he'll find some aliens. The glowing purple and pink kind, not the cat-lookin' ones. The spot he's trying to reach, appropriately named Challenger Deep, is part of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific and the deepest known point in the world's oceans.

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  6. Tech

    Is Anonymous Really Launching an Attack on Facebook on November 5?

    Like previous operations against PayPal and Sony, Anonymous has announced Operation Facebook, an attempt to disable Facebook on Guy Fawkes Day, of all days. Except, have they? This particular situation really lays bare the process by which a decentralized organization operates. The origin of Operation Facebook traces back to a YouTube announcement in typical Anonymous style, uploaded by the user FacebookOp on July 16th. It is his only video. The video also makes mention of a Twitter account devoted to the project.

    The catch? Well, the Twitter account only has one tweet, dating back to July 16th, the day the video was uploaded. To boot, Anonymous, a notoriously talkative bunch, haven't mentioned anything relating to that particular project despite all the things that have happened in the meantime. And the statement referenced was released on "pirate pad" instead of the iconic, and usual Pastebin. While the story is starting to be picked up by CNN, Business Insider and the Village Voice, I'm having trouble finding any references to the project before it was picked up by large media outlets. The video dates to mid-July, but nearly all coverage of the story is in August. So, is this a real threat or is the coverage of it making it real?

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  7. Tech

    At SXSWi 2011, Brands Take “Interactive” Literally

    Group messaging and picture apps were the obvious contenders to break through at this year's South by Southwest, and based on the hundreds of thousands of GroupMe threads muted and Instagram filters applied, it seems that both varieties of apps are well poised for the mainstream. For countless other companies, however, making SXSW more than a four-day bender of a work write-off can be a challenge. Free beer and vaguely familiar musical acts work when you have marketing budgets the size of StumbleUpon's or Foursquare's, but it's hard to recite your elevator pitch when the crowd is moshing. We found several apps, sites and giant media conglomerates whose untraditional approaches to engage the tech set at SXSW involved more than “open the bar and they will come.”

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  8. Gaming

    CNN Compares Portal 2 to Angry Birds

    "February will bring 'Portal 2,' a puzzle game that demands you solve challenges by teleporting items and individuals between locations. Like 'Angry Birds,' the game allows fans to casually experiment with physics."

    This piece of infinite wisdom brought to you by a CNN article discussing some anticipated video games of 2011.

    (CNN via reddit)

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  9. Science

    Dolphins Can Recognize Their Own Reflections [Video]

    These dolphins aren't just being cute in this CNN video because they think their reflections are other dolphins. They are actually recognizing themselves and enjoying their own reflections, proving that their intelligence surpasses your regular, everyday sea-dweller. (CNN via and Jezebel)

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  10. Tech

    An Extra Daylight Savings Warning for iProduct Users

    If you don't happen to own an iPhone or iPod touch that you depend on for alarms, please disregard the rest of this message and enjoy the above video of the most boring dads in the world telling you to turn your clocks back with a parody of We Are The World. If you do happen to use recurring alarms on iPhone or iPod, you should know that there's a glitch that will, unless you do a couple of simple things, fail to take into account daylight savings and may make you late. If you live in an area that doesn't observe Daylight Savings Time, I guess you can just disregard this entire post.

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  11. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 10/17

    Spain Holds National Siesta Championship (CNN) Keith Richards Will Be in Pirates of the Caribbean 4 (ScreenRant) Together At Last: Scooby-Doo and Cthulhu (Nerdvana) 5 Times The US Almost Nuked Itself (io9) Pres. Obama Endorses American Comic Series Re: Islamic Superheroes. Right Wing Flips Out (Bleeding Cool) Old Video Game TV Shows (GameInformer) Awesome Pac-Man Halloween Decoration (Joystiq) (pic via Reddit, rebuttal pic below.)

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  12. Entertainment

    Lucasfilm Calls Copyright Infringement on Wicked Lasers’ Non-Lightsaber Lightsaber

    Wicked Lasers are the makers of a $199 retail laser that can burn flesh and cause blindness, and two weeks ago, Lucasfilm Ltd. sent them a letter that threatened legal action if the company did not alter the design of its Pro Arctic Laser or stop selling it altogether. According to Lucasfilm, "it is apparent from the design of the Pro Arctic Laser that it was intended to resemble the hilts of our lightsaber swords, which are protected by copyright." The letter doesn't accuse Wicked Lasers of promoting the lasers as lightsabers, but instead cites media coverage that frequently drew parallels between the two. Steve Liu, CEO of Wicked Lasers, told CNN:
    Most people feel it's kind of ridiculous... We would never use any comparison like that to 'Star Wars' or a lightsaber or anything like that.

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  13. Science

    CNN Needs to Learn Being A Conservator Ain’t a Part-Time Job

    In the spirit of everyone in our country being really poor, CNN stepped in to lend a helping hand with this list of ten great part-time jobs to make money with. They are: Animal Caretaker, Bartender, Customer Service Rep, Dental Assistant, Hotel Clerk, Library Assistant, Museum Technician or Conservator, Pharmacy Technician, Recreation Worker, and Security Guard. This seems like a harmless little list of ways to bring in the cash.

    Oh, but it isn't. Being a conservator is not a part-time job. And conservators won't let you forget that.

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  14. Space

    Solar Storms Could Devastate Technology, Cause $2 Trillion in Damage. Thanks A Lot, Sun!

    Don't panic or anything, but there just might be the possibility that an upcoming solar storm could devastate out technological infrastructure, causing up to $2 trillion in damages and generally terrifying everyone out of their minds. There have been past solar storms like those now being predicted, but Earth has always lucked out, escaping the line of fire. But according to CNN, scientists now warn that "the Sun is waking up from a deep slumber." That can't be good.

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  15. Weird

    Bros Icing Bros: Site Spreads What Could Be the Greatest, Worst Drinking Game Ever

    Have you been iced? No, this has nothing to do with the mafia. It actually has to do with that other evil scourge that has infiltrated the underside of American culture: Smirnoff Ice. Fortune has posted an article about the website A site dedicated to posting pictures of unfortunate bro victims who have been "iced." What is Icing, you're now asking? It's only the greatest stupidest drinking game ever!

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