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    (Nearly) 1,000 Miles With Comedian Jay Black

    In the world of comedy, between struggling open-mikers and sitcom-having headliners, there are guys like Jay Black. His isn't necessarily a name you know, but you should. I spent a (very long) day with him recently as he traveled to perform at Edinboro University, and we talked about comedy for almost 1,000 miles.

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    Jerry Seinfeld Asked Patton Oswalt Who His Favorite Superhero Is, and How He Would Kill Superman—in a DeLorean

    Comedy nerds are probably already familiar with Jerry Seinfeld's brilliant webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but I think regular nerds will like this week's episode too. It features Patton Oswalt talking about his favorite superhero, killing Superman, and they drive around in a DeLorean.

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    Comedian Jay Larson Teaches Everyone How to Deal With Calls From Unknown Numbers

    Most people ignore calls from a number they don't recognize. Not Jay Larson. Watch this clip from his recent appearance on Conan where he tells the story of a call he received from an unknown number. He took a pretty mundane event and turned into days worth of personal entertainment -- for him. For us it's about six minutes of entertainment.

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    Louis C.K. Continues to Buck Tradition, Will Offer New HBO Special as DRM-Free Download

    Of all the comedians out there to which folks are currently paying attention, Louis C.K. is probably the one being the most innovative. Amusingly, this has nothing to do with his ability to tell a joke, but more to do with the fact that he's continued to challenge the traditional distribution model. The man's circumvented the almighty TicketMaster in order to sell tickets directly to fans, and even sold a DRM-free comedy special directly to viewers in the past. He's at it again, too: Louis' going to offer an upcoming HBO special on his website, DRM-free, for $5 a few months after it airs.

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  5. Tech

    British Comedians Make Fun of Tech Naming Conventions [Video]

    In a sketch from the BBC show The One Ronnie, comedians Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield poke fun at technology naming conventions and drop more puns in under three minutes than I once thought was humanly possible--or tolerable. It's funny, though. Don't worry.

    (BBC via Engadget)

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    Steven Wright on Craig Ferguson: Twitter, Llamas, David Caruso

    Steven Wright is the kind of cult comedian whose cult is particularly strong among the geeky crowd: Like Norm Macdonald or Mitch Hedberg (RIP), Wright's routine is all about logic, structure, and (extremely deadpan) delivery rather than gross-out jokes or 'attitude.'

    He was in fine form on last night's Late Late Show with his friend Craig Ferguson, in whom he seemed to bring out the best: They riffed on Ferguson's robot-winning Twitter obsession (Wright: "Do you have to know everyone that you're twittering with?" Ferguson: "No. It's like sex in the 1970s."), llamas (Wright: "I used to know two llamas in the early '70s. They're very arrogant. They think they're cool because they don't talk"), and internet favorite David Caruso.

    It's telling that when Wright simply said of Caruso, "he's a good actor," he got a big round of shocked laughter. They should send Wright to (puts sunglasses on) the funny farm.

    Video after the jump:

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