1. Gaming

    Control Video Games With Your Butt and Mouth Because Valve Says You Can Now

    Valve has produced a lot of important innovations in the gaming industry. They also built a gamepad you control with your butt. They're calling it a "posture-based game controller," but come on. That's a butt joystick, and you know it, Valve.

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  2. Tech

    Feedback Device Adds Electric Shocks To Your Smartphone Games, Because You Wanted That, Right?

    We've all had the experience of playing a game of Temple Run or Angry Birds and thinking "Yeah, this is fun and all, but I really with this game would deliver a mild electrical shock through my phone." Soon, you may get the chance to turn that fantasy into reality thanks to the work of computer interaction researcher Pedro Lopes, who has developed a new control interface for playing games on your phone -- one that uses electrodes to shock players.

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  3. Gaming

    Design Students Craft Slingshot Controller for Angry Birds

    A pair of students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design just made playing Angry Birds on your computer significantly more realistic. Also, a lot more goofy looking. Andrew Spitz and Hideaki Matsui collaborated on a slingshot-inspired force feedback controller for the PC version of Rovio's omnipresent casual gaming hit, dubbing the result Super Angry Birds.

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  4. Tech

    Cronus USB Adapter Lets You Mix And Match Controllers and Consoles

    Want to play some PS3 but you just need to have offset sticks? Want to play some XBLA games but you just can't deal with the Xbox 360's controller's garbage D-pad? The new Cronus adapter might provide a solution; it will let you mix and match controllers and consoles as you see fit.

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  5. Gaming

    Wash Yourself With Soda Pop Scented Video Game Soaps, Because Why Not

    You have to hand it to Etsy seller Chrystal Doucette, she really knows her audience. She understands that the right mix of nostalgia, quirkiness, and fine craftsmanship is the key to the heart (and wallet) of any (credit) card carrying geek. That's probably why her store specializes in soap cast into the shape of video game paraphernalia. Consoles, controllers, cartridges, companion cubes, Rubik's Cubes; they've all been cast in soap. That's not all: Many of the soaps come in such appetizing flavors as Mountain Dew and grape soda. She even has a collection of caffeinated, pop-scented shower gels. If her work has one flaw, it's that much of it relies on stickers -- making them prettier to look at than to use. That said, it's a pretty amazing collection. See more pictures, after the break.

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  6. Gaming

    Check Out the World’s Largest Video Game Controller

    Technology just keeps getting smaller and smaller. That's the general trend, right? Maybe the general trend, but some crazy dudes at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands decided to take it far, far in the other direction and made the world's largest video game controller, Guinness approved. Benjamin Allen, Stephen van’t Hof, and Michel Verhulst --the aforementioned crazy dudes-- are to be held responsible for this behemoth, a 12ft x 5ft 3 in x 1ft 8 in NES controller that weighs 265 pounds and cost $6,000 to build. Try bringing that to your buddy's place.

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  7. Tech

    Google’s Chrome Browser Will Soon Support Game Controllers and More

    A forthcoming update to Google's Chrome browser will soon add support for gamepads, as well as cameras, microphones, and real-time chatting. While most Chrome users are focused on mere browsing, these additions could be a major step for bolstering Google's ambition to take more everyday computing onto the cloud, with Chrome as the centerpiece.

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  8. Gaming

    Video Game Controlled by Making Out

    Probably mad scientist and artist Hye Yeon Nam has created a video game controller in which two people french kiss to control the in-game antics. Luckily, Hye Yeon Nam explains how her controller works over on her site:

    "One person has a magnet on his/her tongue and the other person wears the headset. While they kiss, the person who has the magnet on his/her tongue, controls the direction and speed of the bowling ball for 20 seconds. The goals of this game are to guide the ball so that it maintains an average position in the center of the alley and to increase the speed of the ball by moving the tongue faster while kissing."

    The video of the controller in action shows the precise problem one would expect from this kind of controller--one half of the make out duo is concentrated on the video game, rather than his partner. Ah, not-so-fond memories.

    (Hye Yeon Nam via Kotaku)

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