1. Weird

    Is it Cold Where You Are? Because Here’s a Corgi Buried in Sand at the Beach

    Another possible title for this post: Shai-Hulud is way less intimidating in person.

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  2. Weird

    Corgi Survives Deadly Avalanche, Reunited With Family After Walking Miles Through Snow

    This plucky little guy is Ole, a Welsh Corgi who somehow managed to survive a horrific avalanche that killed one of his owners near Cooke City, Montana. After presumably tunneling out from under snow many times deeper than the small dog's stature, Ole walked for four days before finally coming to rest at a local motel. This is one incredible little dog.

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  3. Weird

    Corgi Will Only Play Fetch While Holding Its Blankie [Video]

    We all have our quirks, some people (and animals) are just lucky enough to have really cute ones. This 1-year-old corgi, for instance, will only play fetch if it's holding on to its favorite little comfort blanket. If you thought perpetually dragging soft blankets along dirty surfaces then holding them up to your face or putting them in your mouth was a strictly human thing, looks like you were wrong. Whatever the species, it's still pretty cute.

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  4. Weird

    Jailbreak Corgi Has Cage Opening Skills [Video]

    In what just serves as further evidence of why corgi's are awesome, this video shows Ferris using his super secret corgi ninja skills to free little sister Dot from her cage. We here are Geekosystem are no strangers to the amazingly cute wonders of corgi's, what with them raising ducklings and playing tetherball and all, but still, that Ferris is one clever dog.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  5. Weird

    Ducklings Imprint On Corgi

    When the pictures of Yogi, a five-year-old corgi, being followed by two baby ducks first showed up on Animal Planet's Wall Of Fame it ellicited some shock and awww. But, ducklings latching onto a different species is nothing new. Imprinting is the process by which a baby animal establishes biological bonds. Typically, this bond between the ducks and the first thing they see would bind them to their mother. But in this case, what they saw happened to be Yogi.

    First suggested by 19th century amateur biologist Douglas Spalding, imprinting was made famous by zoologist Konrad Lorenz through his studies with geese. This type of imprinting, where an animal establishes a parental relationship is called filial imprinting. Lorenz's experiments showed that geese hatched in an incubator would imprint on the first "suitable" thing they saw, during a time he called the critical period  (between 13-16 hours after hatching.) Images of Lorenz being tailed by baby geese that bonded with him through his studies are a common example of imprinting.

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  6. Science

    The Many Flavors of Corgis

    Over the weekend, a Reddit user posted the above picture of a Husky/Corgi mix, which soon found itself disseminated to all corners of the Internet. This should come as no surprise since, as we've discussed before, the Internet cannot help but love corgis. But now there's more to love since the Horgi (Corskey?) has inspired other Corgi hybrid owners to show off their mutts, with adorable results. My corgis, let me show you them.

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  7. Weird

    Choose Your Corgi

    This is just a reminder that the Corgi Epoch continues unabated. (Loldwell via The High Definite)

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  8. Weird

    We Are Living in the Corgi Epoch: Here’s Why

    This week, Jezebel announced that out of the 32 entrants in their March Madness-inspired Cats vs. Dogs bracket, the Welsh corgi was the winner by popular vote. Now, this comes as no surprise to careful observers of the Internet in all its inscrutable glory, as corgis have been having something of a moment as of late. Why, at this particular moment, have corgis sprinted to the front of the pack?

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  9. Weird

    Corgis Playing Tetherball Steal Internet’s Heart, Productivity [Video]

    It's Friday. You should probably be doing something important before retiring for a restful weekend, but how can you get anything done when there are things happening on the internet? Things like two Welsh Corgis (aka. The Queen of England's Favorite Dog, aka. that dog from Cowboy Bebop) playing tetherball. Watch, as they are captivated by the swinging yellow orb. See, as they leap earnestly. Listen, to their pathetic cries of frustration when the rope runs out. (via Neatorama)

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