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    Let’s Talk About, and Rock Out to the Theme From Gummi Bears

    Anyone who grew up in the 80's or 90's should know full well that the theme song for Disney's Gummi Bears already rocks pretty hard, but that doesn't mean The Human Tim can't make it rock even harder. In his latest video he pounds some gummiberry juice and bounces his way through this epic tune. Enjoy! We sure did.

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    TheHumanTim Rocks Out to Doctor Who Theme Song, And There Was Much Rejoicing [Video]

    TheHumanTim is a Youtube user who covers your favorite nerd theme songs in the style of '80s rock bands. We have no idea why it took him so long to get to the Doctor Who theme -- if anything is asking for a face-melting revamp, it is that song. We'll forgive him only because his cover is so badass, as is his bowtie. Bowties are metal.

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    Andrew Huang Covers the Breaking Bad Theme on Meth Lab Equipment, Wins Our Hearts

    In case you were wondering what the most amazing use of meth lab equipment you'd see today is, it's this. Musical genius Andrew Huang recorded a spot-on cover of the Breaking Bad theme song using items one would find in a meth lab -- and a guitar. Though I suppose you could have a guitar in a meth lab.

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    St. Vincent Delivers Amazing Cover of “Bad Tina” from Bob’s Burgers, Could Be First of Many

    The consensus here in the Geekosystem office is that Bob's Burgers is among the best cartoons going right now. And as of right now, we're officially also huge fans of Bob's Buskers, a behind the scenes extra brought to you courtesy of Behind Bob's Burgers, a blog maintained by the show's writers, who brought in Annie Clark -- better known by her stage name, St. Vincent -- to cover the "Bad Tina" song from earlier this season, and it's amazing. Even better news? The video is marked as Episode One, meaning we can hope for more covers coming down the road.

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  5. Weird

    The 8 Best Nose Flute Videos

    So, you may be, well, you probably are asking yourself what a nose flute is. Technically, it's a whistle that has its air intake at the nose and uses the mouth as a soundboard. Change the shape of your mouth and it changes the pitch of the whistle. But that's not the important part. The important part is that your typical, consumer model nose flute, is neon colored and plastic, so when you hold it up to your face, it's not unlike holding up the end of your nose to look like a little piggy. That's not the only option of course. If you need your hands free, you can wear it with a strap, resulting in a nuanced, fake pig-snout, Hannibal Lector look. Did I mention it sounds sort of like the wheezing of a stuffed up, out of breath asthmatic prancing through a pollen smog? Well, it does. Kind of like a recorder. Makes you wonder, what is the best possible use for such a unique instrument. That's right: embarrassing covers of theme songs and songs from 30 years ago.

    Nose fluting certainly isn't all the rage (yet), but if you search the annals of YouTube there are some lovely, lovely hidden gems to be discovered, and that's just what we've done. Check out some soul-wrenchingly beautiful covers of "Stayin' Alive," the James Bond, Mario and Star Wars themes and more after the jump.

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  6. Entertainment

    Comic Covers Trick Us into Reading Classics

    Dickens and Chaucer didn't write about superpowers, but a new approach to modernizing literary classics and endearing them to a new generation might have us believe they did. Among the latest releases of Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition books lie a few titles which sport cover art reminiscent of graphic novels. Great Expectations (cover by Richard Sala), The Canterbury Tales (cover by Ted Stearn) and the Communist Manifesto (cover by Killoffer) will release in October of this year and may garner new readers who might be sorely disappointed at the lack of pretty pictures between the beautifully designed covers showcased below.

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