1. Science

    Creationists Upset Over Exclusion From Cosmos, Do They Have A Point?

    It's probably inevitable that religious conservatives would eventually take offense at Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos. However, the most recent creationist complaint is just as surprising as it is contradictory.

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  2. Entertainment

    FOX Affiliate Cuts Evolution Reference in Cosmos

    For a show as all-encompassing as Cosmos, it's surprising that the series' only reference to evolution so far lasted less than a minute. And if you live in Oklahoma City, Fox News affiliate KOKH-TV didn't even want you to see that.

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  3. Science

    Pat Robertson Wants Ken Ham to Shut Up and Stop Making Religious People Look Bad [Video]

    If you believe that God created everything, that's fine. I'll agree to disagree, because neither of us can prove one way or the other. What is completely crazy (and undermines those who believe that God created the universe the way scientists see it), is Ken Ham's version of creationism, and Pat Robertson is here to tell you about it.

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  4. Science

    Twitter Responds to Our Friend Bill Nye’s #CreationDebate With Creationist Ken Ham

    Last night Our Friend Bill Nye debated the issue of whether Creationism is a viable model for teaching the origins of the Universe against creationist Ken Ham. (No. No it is not. Stop saying that it is because it is not.) Obviously, Twitter had some thoughts on the debate. Here are some of our favorite comments.

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  5. Science

    Watch Live as Our Friend Bill Nye Debates Not-Our-Friend Ken Ham on Creationism and Evolution [Update]

    A few weeks ago we learned that Our Friend Bill Nye is debating delusional person creationist Ken Ham, and we've been looking forward to it ever since. Well tonight's the night, and you can watch it live right here.

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  6. Science

    Marco Rubio Declines To Say How Old He Thinks The Earth Is — Declares He Is “Not A Scientist,” Proves He Is A Coward

    In a recent GQ interview, Marco Rubio was asked point blank how old he thinks the Earth is, only to respond that the answer to that question is "one of the great mysteries." Good news, Marco! We solved it -- the Earth is about four and a half billion years old. Don't thank us, thank the hard working men and women of the United States Geological Survey. Now, about the way you delicately skirted that question, as if creationist theories about the age of the Earth deserve the same time and attention as USGS estimates...yeah, we're gonna take issue with that.

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  7. Science

    Bill Nye Bashes Creationism In Kindest Possible Fashion

    Man, if we ever get absolutely torn a new one for saying something stupid, we really want the totally excellent > Bill Nye to be the guy who does it. Not because we want to upset Mr. Nye, a personal hero (and, yes, brain-crush) who ran the best children's show about science ever -- sorry, dude who played Beakman -- but just because he can apparently reduce someone's world view to utter shambles without so much as raising his voice or saying an unkind word. Case in point: this video from Big Think in which Bill (we can call you Bill, right? If so, we can die happy) lays out just how much more complicated a creationist viewpoint is, because of all of the really important evidence-based science you have to walk around ignoring every day. He makes the further point that, people believing whatever they want, no matter how silly it is, is totally your right -- but that willfully raising children to be ignorant is another matter entirely. And how important a public understanding of science is for the country going forward. All of this without so much as a sneer, a snicker, or a disrespectful syllable. Man, who are we kidding though? We could watch Bill Nye talk about absolutely anything and be happy campers. The man is that good. Plus, he can just wear the hell out of a bowtie.

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