1. Weird

    Video Of Beached Jellyfish-Thing Reminds Us That The Ocean Is Filled With Terrifying Horrors

    This video of a Portuguese man o' war washed up on a beach is pretty surreal; it's mesmerizing to watch it move, in the way that you're pretty sure it's an alien, but it definitely came from the sea - which makes it that much worse. Just look at it, staring at you like a creepy, translucent pigeon. It knows it can kill you. It knows.

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  2. Weird

    Women’s Thighs Are Becoming Japan’s Newest Billboards

    Sex sells, and apparently, Japan is buying. The latest advertising trend in the nation is turning women's legs into billboards, thereby finally correcting a frankly criminal waste of high value advertising space that has gone on too long. Now, if we could just start the new trend of branded masks that ensure we don't have to look at one another, but at products we might want to buy, we'd really be on our way to a brave new world.

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  3. Entertainment

    Overly Attached Girlfriend is Back With Parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”

    Not too long ago, a new Internet challenger appeared, a girl who entered a contest where participants had to cover a Justin Bieber song, with the prize being the Biebs himself showing the best video on some upcoming him-centric television special. It was an obvious, though great, parody, where the girl assumed the role of an overly attached girlfriend or stalker type. She was very good at it, and the lyrics were actually entertaining as well. Now, she's back with a parody of everyone's current "favorite" song, "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. Like her Bieber song, we've captured some pretty good moments and put them after the break for your perusal and horror.

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  4. Weird

    Hilariously Creepy Girl Enters Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Contest, is Awesome

    Justin Bieber is holding a contest wherein fans make their own video version of his song "Boyfriend," and the winners' entries will be featured in Bieber's upcoming NBC special. The songs submitted are pretty much what you'd expect -- girls taking the serious route, trying in earnest to win. There's one response, though, that's far and away the greatest thing that has happened on the Internet in a while. Contest winners will be announced June 21, and there's almost no way the above entry will win, but it won the Internet, so everything's alright. Check out some of our favorite moments from the video below.

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  5. Weird

    Vintage Valentines Are Weirdly Violent, Disturbing

    You can decry the vapid commercialism of the modern Valentine's Day all you want, but it has got nothing on the bizarre Valentines of yesteryear. Back in the day, it apparently wasn't all that unusual to express your affection with a card featuring images of violence, suicide, bondage, cannibalism, worm eating, and you don't even want to know what else. Actually, having written that, I think we could afford to bring some of that hilarious weirdness back.

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  6. Weird

    Unofficial Ad for Sour Patch Kids is Terrifying, Oddly Effective

    How Reddit tells it, someone -- presumably poptent user trunstyle -- was assigned to make an advertisement for a film class. This unofficial, in no way endorsed, ad for the Sour Patch Kids candies was the result. Like the candy, it attempts to be sour, then sweet. Unlike the candies, it starts really weird, gets okay, and then gets really, really weird.  See the video after the break, but the above image is only a taste (pun) of what is in store.

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  7. Weird

    Show Your Loved Ones You Really Care With A Hyper-Realistic Mask of Yourself

    The husband enters the room, bearing a gift box in his hands. His wife of 10 years watches eagerly, the remains of a steak dinner in front of her. "Darling," he begins. "I wanted to give you the best gift imaginable to commemorate our time together." She draws in a small breath as he lifts the lid of the box. "So I gave you a photo-realistic mask of myself." The preceeding scenario has not and, hopefully will not, ever happen, but don't tell that to Japanese company Real-f. Using a system called 3DPF, or "3 Dimension Photo Forms," a series of photos taken from multiple angles are composited into freakishly lifelike images and fixed to vinyl chloride resin shaped after your own visage. The company says that minute details like pores and blood vessels are what set their product apart. Fantastic. The masks go for around $3,920 for the first, with each subsequent mask costing a paltry $780 each. You can even get a complete replica head made, for $5,875 for the original and copies for $1,960 after that. Why you would want to do that is anyone's guess. Are these masks impressive? Yes. Unsettling? Very yes. More images below, if you can handle the weird.

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  8. Weird

    Truly Unsettling “Dancing” Squid for Dinner [Video]

    While there are any number of foods involving cephalopods in one form another, this particular Japanese squid dish is not what it seems. When you pour soy sauce over the squid, its legs begin to move and "dance" around. Apparently, the soy sauce is what makes the food get up and dance. There's some disagreement on Reddit about what exactly is going on, but all agree that the high salt of the soy sauce is key.

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  9. Science

    New Species of Zombifying Ant Fungus Found

    The natural world is a terrifying place, and it just got a little scarier -- especially for ants. Wired reports that scientists have reported that they have discovered 4 new kinds of fungus in Brazil that infect ants, effectively turning them into zombies that serve the will of the fungal infector. Fungus of the genus Cordyceps are not new to science, though their surprising diversity and how they take control of their hosts is still quite mysterious.

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  10. Weird

    DIY Man

    I would like to point out right now that this post will not contain a joke about love dolls. Artist Wayne Chisnall is currently showing an impressive sculpture featuring the artist recreated and deconstructed as a plastic model kit. The sculpture, titled "And When I'm A Man," is indeed life-size and certainly gives you something to think on. Between the familiarity of the presentation and the unsettling nature of a cut-up human, it playfully touches on the commodification of people and challenges the viewer to consider what it means to "own" art. Makes you think (about something other than love dolls). (Wayne Chisnall via Gizmodo)

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