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    Still Not Aliens: NASA Says That Flash of Light Seen by Curiosity Rover Isn’t What UFO Speculators Think It Is

    The above image is making it's way around UFO sites and news outlets alike. It's a photo taken by the Mars Curiosity rover on April 3rd, and it doesn't show aliens. Relax, Internet.

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    This Is the Beep the Curiosity Rover Sends NASA Everyday So They Know She’s Okay

    This picture from Bobak Ferdowsi's Instagram account shows the waveform of the status beep that Curiosity sends back to Earth from the surface of Mars to let NASA and Ferdowsi know she's doing fine.

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    The Curiosity Rover Snapped Its First Picture of Earth and Safely Crossed Into the Dingo Gap

    The Curiosity rover is a long way from home, boys and girls, and this shot of what the Earth looks like from where it is on Mars is a reminder of just how far that is. Across the cold, empty reaches of space, the rover has taken a picture of the home of all seven billion humans, and it looks like just a tiny speck.

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    Curiosity Rover May Risk Life In Dangerous “Dingo Gap”

    This week NASA is deliberating sending their Curiosity rover on an expedition into Dingo Gap- a mission that they admit could bring an end to Curiosity's quest for knowledge, and leaving her to die a lonely death far from our comforting embrace.

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    @SarcasticRover Is Teaching Us All about Martian Santa Today on Twitter

    The @SarcasticRover twitter account really is one of our favorites. It's a perfect blend of comedy and science, and today it's throwing Christmas into the mix and teaching Earthlings about Martian Santa in a string of tweets. How does he get around? What does he like to eat? Is he like your dad? Find out in these Tweets.

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    Curiosity Rover Found Signs of an Ancient Lake on Mars That Was Possibly Hospitable to Life

    Here on Earth, we pretty much expect our water to be drinkable, but it's a pretty amazing find on Mars. Scientists reported earlier this year that the Curiosity Rover found signs of an ancient lake on Mars, but they're just now finding out that the lake's water may have been basically drinkable by human standards and hospitable to life.

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    Six Great Science Selfies to Celebrate That Science and Selfie Are Words of the Year

    We're behind NASA's logic on most things (especially on how great space is), but we're extra into their logic that both "selfie" and "science" being named words of the year means that science selfies are pretty much the ultimate accomplishment. That's why we've compiled the best science selfies we could find.

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    NASA Prohibited From Doing Science During Shutdown, Parody Twitter Account Rises to Fill Science Gap

    As part of the government shutdown, NASA scientists are prohibited from doing science. A Twitter parody account of the Mars Curiosity rover, @SarcasticRover, doesn't think that's fair. So she announced this week the start of the #ShutdownScienceClub and she's encouraging everyone to #DoAScience and tweet a photo. Get to it!

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    The Curiosity Rover’s Gone Rogue On Twitter Thanks To a Delightful New Parody Account

    Due to the government shutdown, none of NASA's social media accounts will be responding to tweets for the foreseeable future. Mere minutes after the official Curiosity Rover went dark, a new challenger stepped up to take its place -- @RogueCuriosity. We want to be her best friend.

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    Send the Curiosity Rover Postcards for Its Anniversary!

    Believe it or not, NASA's Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars for one year, and everyone on the web who isn't still swept up in this weekend's Doctor Who news is sending their regards. If you want to get in on the fun, too, you can now make your own e-cards to send to the little rover. I guess we can call it an honorary Martian now?

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    Happy Anniversary, Mars Curiosity Rover! Watch Live as NASA Celebrates

    It's the one-year anniversary of the Curiosity Rover landing on the surface of Mars. That's one Earth year, by the way. Watch the JPL present a special program to celebrate, and ask questions via Twitter with the hashtag #AskNASA. There's programming all day, and you can watch it live right here!

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    The Best Questions and Answers From the Mars Curiosity Rover Mission Team’s Reddit AMA

    The Mars Curiosity Rover Mission Team took another break from navigating the surface of a foreign planet to preemptively celebrate their rover's first Martian anniversary on August 5th/6th. So how do engineers and scientists celebrate? By answering a whole lot of questions about science and what they do for a living, of course.

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    Take a Look Around Mars With This Lovely Interactive 360-Degree Panorama

    You're not on the surface of Mars right now, but that doesn't mean you can't feel like you are. Try playing around inside this interactive 360-degree panorama image of the surface of Mars. You'll feel like the Curiosity rover is your special little Mars buddy and the two of you are on an adventure.

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    And We’re Back! Curiosity Rover Recovers From Second Safe Mode Snag

    The Mars Curiosity Rover has had some computer problems over the last few weeks that have seen it in and out of safe mode and switched from A-side to B-side computers and back. At last report, the rover was back in safe mode after another software glitch. The latest round of computer problems didn't last long though, and the rover's Twitter account announced it is back in action with it's systems up and running.

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    Mars Looks Like Tatooine In New Panorama of Mount Sharp

    This newly released panoramic image of Mount Sharp located in Mars' Gale Crater can provide valuable information to NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) for further aspects of the Curiosity Rover Mission, but it also kind of looks like Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tatooine from Star Wars, so let's just focus on that.

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