1. Gaming

    Everyone Wins In Super Mario Remade With Nine Cats

    Lucky YouTuber 9 cats has, as the name suggests, nine cats. But does he keep that plethora of kitties to himself? No, he uses them for the good of humanity and graces the world with videos like this. Sadly, no fireballs here. Only adorable furballs. Nine of them.

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  2. Entertainment

    Norway’s “Piipshow” Bird Bar Is the Cutest Reality Show Ever

    Now, you can see what this nature thing is about without ever having to go outside. Norwegian broadcaster NRK is live streaming Piipshow, an adorably voyeuristic look into the lives of regulars at a tiny bird bar and the belligerent squirrel that loves to ruffle their feathers.

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  3. Entertainment

    Speed Remade With Pugs Is The Perfect Remedy For Your Sad-Keanu Blues

    Full disclosure: I have never seen Speed, which I'm pretty sure means I'm a horrible human who will be banished to the Spice Mines of Kessel. Thanks to this Pet Collective video though, now I don't have to! Keanu is cute, but he's got nothing on this little guy.

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  4. Weird

    Behold: Ye Olde LOL Cats Are More Than A Century Old

    For those of us uninitiated in the work of Harry Whittier Frees, the LOL Cat trend began as recently as 2006. But the time-honored tradition of anthropomorphizing cats to great comedic effect actually began as early as 1905, when the photographer saw a party hat be blown onto a kitten's head and had, obviously, the greatest idea of all time.

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  5. Science

    New Study Says Giant Ancient Sloths Were Aquatic

    Sometimes I resent evolution. A study published this week in the Proceedings of Royal Society B. claims that millions of years ago, sloths were six-feet long and spent most of their lives in the water. Thank you, survival of the fittest, for depriving me of a world full of underwater sloth rides and hypnotically slow games of beach volleyball.

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  6. Weird

    Pharmacist Prescribes “Anti-Monster Spray” to Six Year-Old Girl

    An act of kindness is receiving attention after radio station Hot 96 posted this photo in honor of Doctor and Nurse Appreciation Day. Pharmacist Jeff Dodds of Waterford City, North Dakota prescribed this spray for a six-year old girl whose fear of monsters left her unable to sleep, because sometimes life is like a Pixar movie.

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  7. Entertainment

    Animal Planet Also Has a Live Streaming Penguin Cam!

    Let's go ahead and add penguins to the "List of Things Geekosystem Thinks Are More Interesting Than Football," so imagine our delight to find that Animal Planet, along with their Puppy Cam, has one for the penguin cheerleaders as well!

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  8. Entertainment

    Watch the Puppy Bowl Puppies Do Puppy Stuff on Animal Planet’s Live Puppy Cam

    Not to play into the "Geeks hate sports" stereotype, but football is probably the last thing we care about. Especially when there's chess to watch and puppies to fawn over. While you wait for the actual Puppy Bowl to start, you can keep an eye on this live camera of the Animal Planet puppy locker room.

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  9. Weird

    Good Morning. Here’s a Small Child in a Tiger Suit Playing With a Tiger Cub.

    Meet Marshall and Kali. Marshall's a young tiger enthusiast visiting the Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma, Washington, and Kali is a tiger cub at said zoo. Did we mention Marshall is wearing a tiger suit? Watch the two of them playing through the glass and for two minutes and 10 seconds feel like everything is wonderful.

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  10. Weird

    Turns Out Platypus Are Adorable And Now We Want One [VIDEO]

    Yeah, we know what you're thinking: Platypus are not known for being the world's cutest animals. But just look at this thing swim around! It likes to be tickled! It's fulfilling our fantasy of having our very own Psyduck!

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  11. Weird

    Ever Wanted to Know What a Happy Baby River Otter Sounds Like? Well, Here You Go [Video]

    Today in baby-animals-getting-belly-rubs news,  we have this adorable river otter running around and making a whole bunch of squeaky cluck-noises while climbing around on YouTube user AngelChick7's lap. Do we need to say any more? Who wouldn't want to know what it's like to pet one of these guys?

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  12. Weird

    Cat Burglar Has No Intention of Handing Over The Loot [Video]

    Folks, it is officially Wednesday morning. that means you have to get through just a few more days of work before being granted yet another weekend, and God knows we don't want you to spend any of that time actually working. It's in that spirit that we bring you this charming video of a thieving cat.

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  13. Weird

    Not-So-Fantastic Mr. Fox Needs a Hand Getting His Head Out of This Mason Jar [Video]

    Ready for the cutest Good Deed For The Day you'll see all week? This fox in Russia presumably found something tasty at the bottom of a mason jar and went in for a closer look...only to have that brilliant plan backfire on it in pretty grand fashion. With its head firmly tucked within the jar, the fox then took the rather unusual step of seemingly coming to humans for help, and was lucky to find a pair of gentlemen willing to remove the jar from its head...and with a minimum of laughter at the situation, no less.

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  14. Science

    Researchers Reveal Science Behind Penguin Snuggling

    Sharing isn't always caring, it would seem. In penguins, for example, sharing seems to be the result of being kind of a jerk. Researchers investigating the physics of how penguins share warmth by huddling together on particularly cold Antarctic days found that each penguin is trying only to maximize the heat it retains while snuggling with its colleagues, but that the result is an egalitarian cuddle pile in which every penguin has more or less the same access to warmth. In other more important news, there are researchers working hard on revealing the science behind penguin snuggling, because hooray for science.

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  15. Science

    Why We Find Babies Simply Irresistible [Video]

    Why is it that we, as a culture, find babies so absolutely adorable? This often extends to things like puppies, kittens, and other furry little balls of youth. That's what the SciShow has tackled with their most recent video. The origins of cute, as broken down in the video, basically comes down to the fact that we, as a species, are required to look after our babies. By evolving to consider a baby's collective traits to be ridiculously cute, we then are less likely to just drop them off on their own whenever we feel like. Not that this doesn't happen, of course, but it's not like it's a regular occurrence.

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