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    Metroid and Other Nintendo LEGO CUUSOO Sets Make Us Wish for an Official Partnership

    LEGO CUUSOO sets can be pretty well done, but there isn't one that is perhaps as big of a no-brainer for "this should just be something LEGO already makes" as Nintendo-themed LEGO sets. Nintendo and LEGO are giants in their markets, and those markets overlap in a big way. Why am I not playing with LEGO Samus right now?

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  2. Entertainment

    Want To Submit A LEGO Doctor Who Set to CUUSOO? Here Are 15 Ideas From Classic Storylines

    No one's more excited than us that LEGO CUUSOO will now accept Doctor Who-themed submissions. But simply slapping a long scarf sticker on a minifig is boring, right? We want very detailed and specific tie-ins to already existing serials and episodes, which is why we are now presenting you with this list of ideas. You're welcome.

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  3. Space

    LEGO’s Mars Curiosity Rover Set Is Now Available, but It’s Already out of Stock

    The LEGO Mars Curiosity Rover set is finally available for sale, or was, briefly, before it sold out. We haven't seen any on eBay yet either, but when they do appear, they'll probably be somewhere between the $29.99 LEGO price, and the $2.5 billion price of the actual Curiosity mission.

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  4. Entertainment

    Welcome… to the Jurassic Park LEGO Set

    I need there to be a tiny Ian Malcolm on desk, and it looks like the best chance of that happening is to have everyone go to the LEGO CUUSOO page and vote on this Jurassic Park LEGO set submission. Please do that immediately. If you're not convinced we have more pictures after the jump.

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  5. Entertainment

    What Does Michael J. Fox Think of Back to the Future LEGO?

    It's August, which means the LEGO Back to the Future set is finally available for purchase. Judging from a tweet he posted today, it looks like Marty McFly himself, Michael J. Fox, has his hands on a set. So what does he think about being immortalized as a LEGO minifig?

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  6. Entertainment

    Great Scott! Back to the Future LEGO Set Finally Happening

    Brick to the Future. LEGO is getting an official Back to the Future set. Repeat: LEGO is getting an official Back to the Future set. This is not a drill, people! The set has been a long time coming, but it's finally a reality. It won't be available for sale until August 1st, but it's on display at San Diego Comic Con right now if you happen to be there and not stuck on the East Coast like some of us. Sigh.

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  7. Entertainment

    Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads: Back to the Future LEGO Set’s Really Happening

    LEGO's just released the summer review results from their CUUSOO website, which is a system where modelers can submit their creations in the hopes that they'll eventually become actual sets. Once a submission manages 10,000 votes from the community, LEGO reviews them and makes a call on whether they move forward with the project. That's how that sweet Minecraft LEGO set came to fruition. One of those in the spotlight this time around was an impressive Back to the Future DeLorean model. You can probably see where this is going. Yes, a Back to the Future LEGO set is really, truly happening.

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  8. Gaming

    LEGO Minecraft Set is Available Right Now, Go Buy It

    Forget pre-orders, forget voting on CUUSOO, forget dreaming: Today, your dream becomes a reality. Friends, the Minecraft LEGO set is available in the LEGO store. Now you can relive the daredevil escapades of Steve, the lone builder, and his Creeper buddy in real life. This is a good day.

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  9. Entertainment

    Help Make These LEGO Strandbeests Kinetic Sculptures a Reality

    Artist Theo Jansen has been wowing and terrifying beachgoers with his kinetic sculptures he calls "strandbeests." Massive and maddening in their complexity, their fluidity of motion is truly breathtaking. Even more amazing is that these sculptures are powered by the wind, or human power. Now, at long last, someone has found a way to translate one of Jansen's designs into LEGO form, and it might even become an official set.

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  10. Entertainment

    This Back to the Future LEGO Set Could Become a Reality

    While there are many official LEGO tie-ins available, Back to the Future sadly isn't one of them. That might be changing, however, now that user m.togami has received 10,000 votes on LEGO's CUUSOO website. With the passing of that important milestone, the possibility of this becoming an official LEGO set moves tantalizingly close to reality. But it's not there yet.

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  11. Gaming

    Mojang Working With LEGO to Make Official LEGO Minecraft Sets

    Minecraft is basically cyber-LEGOs in spirit. Granted, there have been plenty of other attempts at creating cyber-LEGOs, all of which were questionably successful. However, none of them took off the way Minecraft did. Now, it seems like Minecraft might have a chance to retcon its history, so to speak, and get its own, official LEGO playsets. Mojang is working with LEGO through the CUUSOO system to get several different models made and hopefully open the door to more Minecraft LEGOs down the road.

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