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    6 Famous Creators Who’ve Left Twitter Because of Their Critics

    Celebrities on Twitter get a lot of people constantly spewing hate at them, but for anyone who's in some kind of creative leadership position, it's about a spillion times worse. So it's no wonder that a bunch of showrunners and game developers have quit the social media network at one point or another.

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  2. Entertainment

    Damon Lindelof Doesn’t Care What You Think About LOST‘s Ending, Thanks to Breaking Bad

    Earlier in the week, we told you that LOST creator Damon Lindelof had been receiving some pretty terrible hate in the wake of the widely-acclaimed Breaking Bad series finale. In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof just wants you to know: he doesn't care what you think about the LOST finale any more. He. Is. Over it.

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  3. Entertainment

    Breaking Bad Finale Makes Fans Remind Damon Lindelof How Much They Hated The LOST Finale

    Unless you live in an internet-less cavern (if so, how are you reading this, magical being?), you probably know that Breaking Bad ended last night. People were so pleased with the outcome of AMC's epic show that they celebrated in the best way the internet knows how: by hating on someone else. This time, it was LOST creator Damon Lindelof.

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  4. Entertainment

    Damon Lindelof Basically Lied To ABC So They Would Pick Up LOST

    Love it or hate it, LOST was a game-changer in the world of television. Expensive to shoot, filmed in Hawaii, incredibly serialized, and often completely nonsensical, it's amazing that in the current TV landscape, a network looked at the premise for the show and said, "That's a great idea! Let's do it!" Well, as it turns out: that never happened.

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  5. Space

    Hangout With J.J. Abrams, Astronauts, and Cast of Star Trek Into Darkness Today at Noon

    Today at 12:00 PM EDT J.J. Abrams and the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness will have a Google Hangout with astronauts, including Chris Cassidy, one of the astronauts aboard the International Space Station who recently went on a space walk to fix an ammonia leak on the station. You can watch the whole thing right here, and we even have the details on how you can try to get a question in.

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  6. Entertainment

    Honestly, Prometheus is Mostly About Landscapes, Space Balls [Video]

    A lot of people really didn't like Prometheus. People have incredibly high expectations for a movie created to uphold and refresh the legacy of one the greatest sci-fi franchises ever made, and it definitely feels flimsy when it you look at closely. How does the film fall apart, you ask? There are a lot of reasons, really, which is why we'll leave it to this Screen Junkies' brutally honest trailer describe everything that's wrong with it.

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  7. Entertainment

    Dude: Weezer Unveils Ridiculous Album Cover [Update: Lindelof's Reaction]

    No, actually, this is it: Weezer's upcoming album Hurley opted for the obvious -- and also ridiculous -- choice cover. After the Green Album and Red Album, this is clearly the natural progression. The record, due in stores September 14 on Epitaph, will employ the above image of Lost actor Jorge Garcia, who is grinning to have succeeded Jacob as the New Man in Charge.

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  8. Entertainment

    LOST‘s Jack Bender in Line to Direct Jack Ryan Film

    This just in: LOST director Jack Bender is reportedly the frontrunner for helming Moscow, the reboot of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan spy franchise. Chris Pine will be playing the newest Ryan incarnation, starting afresh as a U.S. Marine graduate working under a Russian billionaire, before being embroiled in a terrorist plot. Bender hasn't directed a feature since 1991's Child's Play 3, so it will be interesting to see what results. This comes on the heels of the announcement that LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof is attached to write the Alien prequel. (Vulture)

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  9. Entertainment

    Alien Prequel Rewrite to be Damon Lindelof’s First Post-Lost Solo Writing Gig

    Damon Lindelof, a.k.a. the less grumpy of the two former executive producers of LOST, has just sealed the deal for his first solo screenwriting contract since the island adventures ended. Lindelof will be taking on rewrite work for a prequel for the Alien franchise, which could use a jolt of popularity. After all, when Joss Whedon was talking about cool props he has at home, he said "an alien egg, but I had to bury the franchise to get it." Well let's hope Lindelof can dig it up and give it some weird alien CPR or something. For those of you worried that Lindelof might just start over and make up the whole prequel as he goes along, leading to an unsatisfactory, overly spiritual ending, never fear! Lindelof has already met with 20th Century Fox and Ridley Scott, who Fox wants to direct the feature, to discuss ideas for the prequel. See? Planning ahead. But, perhaps unfortunately depending on your sentiments toward the franchise, "the exchange of ideas between them sparked a take that could well turn out to be a free-standing science fiction film," according to Deadline.

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  10. Entertainment

    Great Fake LOST Alternate Endings on Jimmy Kimmel One-Up the Haters

    Say what you will about the ending to LOST -- and yes! we will say many things about it in the morning -- but you can't fault the show for lacking awareness. One of my favorite lines in tonight's finale could have easily been cut without taking anything away from the plot, but seemed so necessary: Flocke's quip that it seemed rather "obvious" that Jacob would pick Jack. Meta! The three LOST alternate endings that debuted on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! extravaganza following the show further highlighted the self-awareness and good humor of the folks behind the show:

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  11. Entertainment

    Muppets: Key to Understanding Lost

    In the latest episode of Lost: Slapdown, writers-turned-celebrities Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were discussing the latest Lostian developments when Bobo the Bear and Rizzo the Rat invade their office, fans in tow, to assail them with questions about what the hell is going on on the show. I'm actually wondering why Gonzo wasn't chosen for this little spot, since he would fit so well into the weirdness the series is so famous for, but alas. Watch after the jump.

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  12. Entertainment

    Attention, LOST Fans: Full PaleyFest Videos are Up

    More than a few LOSTies looked on jealously this past weekend as LOST's cast and creators addressed a sold-out audience at PaleyFest 2010, the Paley Center For Media's annual television festival. But fortunately, YouTube to the rescue: Nickelodeon lighting supervisor Patrick Krebs has posted full video of this past weekend's panel discussion. Warning: LOST spoilers ensue.

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