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    Dan Harmon Teases Us With Talk Of A Dungeons And Dragons Movie

    I get it, SXSW: you're too cool for school, AKA me. But must you pour salt in my blogger wounds by teasing the world with pitches for glorious movie ideas that will likely never come to be?

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    Dan Harmon Is Soooo Mad That Community’s Full “Ass Crack Bandit” Song Leaked Online

    Dan Harmon is back this year, and so is Community. It's truly hard to pick a favorite episode for this season so far between "Geothermal Escapism" and "Basic Intergluteal Numismatics," but the ridiculous song about the "Ass Crack Bandit" from the latter may just win that fight, and now the song's full version is online.

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    Community Recap Season 5 Episode 1 “Repilot”

    We're recapping the new season of Community! The first episode of season 5, "Repilot" was a reboot of the show in many ways and brought back series creator Dan Harmon as the showrunner, and we'll tell you all about his triumphant return right here.

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    Donald Glover Will Only Be In Five Community Episodes Next Season

    CRISIS ALERT! Donald Glover is only going to be in five of Community's thirteen episodes in the upcoming fifth season. Vulture is reporting that according to "sources familiar with the matter", this is a compromise deal reached to keep Glover on the show while giving him the time to focus on his rap career as Childish Gambino. This... certainly is news. To quote Abed, I need help reacting to something.

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    Dan Harmon Breaks Promise by Being a Jerk About Community Season 4, Apologizes

    After promising he wouldn't be a jerk about Community's fourth season, the comedy's once and future showrunner Dan Harmon spoke out on his Harmontown podcast about what he thought of the Harmon-less season. Spoiler alert: He wasn't too happy with it, and wasn't afraid to say it with some backhanded and profane responses. He's since apologized, but the damage's already been done.

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    Dan Harmon Promises to Not Be a Jerk About Community Season 4

    I continue to live in disbelief that Dan Harmon is returning to Community this coming season, but it apparently is happening. In fact, according to Harmon, they're supposed to start writing this coming Monday. In order to prepare for this, he's going to be watching the last season this weekend, and he's "not going to be a jerk about it." That seems... almost too fair.

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    This is Not a Drill: Dan Harmon’s Officially Returning to Community

    After much rumbling and teasing, Dan Harmon has officially confirmed that he'll be returning to Community. From a lot of talk on Twitter from him about hiring writers, it's a fair assumption to make that he'll be coming right back in as showrunner. Excuse me while I go hyperventilate for a bit.

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    Be Still Our Hearts: Sony Supposedly Asked Dan Harmon to Return to Community

    Good news for people who thought last season of NBC's Community just didn't feel right -- apparently creator and former showrunner Dan Harmon let it slip in an recent episode of his podcast, Harmontown, that he's been asked to return to the program after being unceremoniously dumped by Sony at the end of Season 3. Cool! Cool cool cool.

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    Dan Harmon Showrunner of Community No Longer

    In what may seem like the inevitable happening to those who have been following along, Dan Harmon has been ousted as showrunner of Community by Sony Pictures Television. It had been rumored that Mr. Harmon was on the way out after the renewal considering he'd only had his contract renewed to the end of the third season. Now, the rumors have proven true.

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