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    All Right, How Come None of You Laser Brains Told Us Billy Dee Williams Would Be on Dancing With The Stars?

    We're not big Dancing With The Stars fans here. Sure, we watched when Bill Nye was on, but that's because he's our friend and we want to support him in all of his endeavors. If we'd known that Billy Dee Williams would be doing an embarrassingly hilarious Star Wars-themed cha cha last night, though, we would have tuned in for sure.

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    Celebrate Our Friend Bill Nye’s Birthday by Watching His Return to Dancing with the Stars Last Night [Video]

    Dancing with the Stars has rebuilt Bill Nye. They have the technology. His final dance in last night's finale left us crazy impressed (even if some of the moves required a stunt double) and was a nice surprise after his injury robbed us of his dancing prowess. Add dancing to the list of things at which Bill Nye is better than most people.

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    In Other Terrible News, BIll Nye Got Kicked Off Dancing With The Stars [Video]

    After a valiant and ridiculously hilarious effort to dance jazz on a torn quadricep while dressed as a robot, Bill Nye was eliminated from this season of Dancing With The Stars. It's probably for the best, as his leg really does look like it was hurt pretty badly. But we'll still miss his doofiness all the same.

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    Dancing With the Stars: Our Friend Bill Nye is Not As Light-footed As We’d Hoped

    The seventeenth season of Dancing With The Stars premiered last night, and we watched (almost) all two hours of it so we could tell you about all the great stuff Bill Nye did. Then we found a video of his routine. You should probably just watch the video instead.

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    Dancing With The Stars Our Friend Bill Nye

    Normally, news about network reality television tends to fly below our radar. So you can imagine our surprise when we found out that our friend Bill Nye will be competing in this upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Bill! What, you couldn't have called us? You're our friend, remember?

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    Buzz Aldrin Gearing Up For Dancing with the Stars

    We are excited and mildly baffled that Buzz Aldrin -- you know, the second man on the Moon, is going to appear on Dancing with the Stars this season. Aldrin is generally a pretty good sport about media appearances: He went on Sesame Street a few years ago to explain that no, the moon is not made of cookie,  and he was one of the most memorable guests on Da Ali G Show, where he very patiently explained that no, he did not walk on the sun. (Difference being that he thought the latter interview was real.) But: an 80-year-old former astronaut on Dancing with the Stars?

    Aldrin recently spoke to about the reality show, and it sounds like he's getting pretty serious about it:

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