Darius Kazemi

  1. Tech

    Automated Bot Makes New GIF of The Wire Every Hour and Posts It To Tumblr

    Robots may snap up all the menial blue-collar jobs in the world but they can't replace our deep and oftentimes personal obsession with the Internet -- can they? Of course they can. Not even your Tumblr GIFS are safe now, because somebody's programmed a bot to create and post an animated image from HBO's The Wire once every hour.

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  2. Tech

    Generate Your Own Text Generator Thanks to Darius Kazemi’s GenGen

    Sometimes you need to fill some space with words, but you just can't think of any. That's why text generators are great. What if you can't find one that suits your specific needs? Fear not, readers. Maker of weird Internet things Darius Kazemi has your back. Kazemi's created a text generator generator, and it does a frighteningly adequate job of pitching Geekosystem headlines.

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  3. Gaming

    Boss Fight Books Collecting Coins on Kickstarting to Publish Books About Classic Video Games

    The easiest way to have a successful Kickstarter campaign is to start with a good idea. Forming a publishing company to put out a series of books about classic video games? That's a great idea. It's no wonder that it took less than eight hours for Boss Fight Books met their funding goal. Let's take a look at what Boss Fight Books wants to accomplish, and which titles we can already look forward to.

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