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  1. Weird

    Goblin Causes Police Station Evacuation

    There are a lot of downsides to hosting a subletter in your house, especially when they leave their goblins lying around all the time. At least that's what one Zimbabwean family discovered last week when they sought the authorities help in dealing with their tenants' wily goblin and caused an entire police station to flee in fear.

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  2. Space

    Chris Hadfield As David Bowie Is Out-Of-This-World Awesome

    If you thought Commander Chris Hadfield couldn't get any more awesome - first, don't ever underestimate Hadfield, come on. Second, you have to check out the cover of Canadian magazine Maclean's, because they've got Hadfield on their cover done up like David Bowie, and it's perfection.

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  3. Entertainment

    Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees Include Tolkien and Bowie

    It's a good time for geek culture -- if the popularity of this site is any kind of indicator. Movie releases are dominated by superheroes, fairy tales, and science fiction. And we definitely should honor the amazing people who helped bring these genres into the mainstream, and become familiar with their work, if you weren't already. The EMP Museum, or the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, annually selects icons to honor by inducting them into its hall of fame, and the five chosen this year have certainly earned it.

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  4. Space

    Follow Up: What NASA Found on Mars

    The press conference NASA held today about what the Curiosity Rover found on the surface of Mars is over, and although NASA scientists explained that they have not yet found organic compounds, they admit that they have seen organic compounds. Wait, what? This paradoxical discovery comes along with others, including the presence of chlorine and sulfur, but we're more interested in the these organic compounds. Are they there or not?

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  5. Gaming

    This Is Ground Control To Fox McCloud [Video]

    In anticipation of the upcoming Star Fox 64 3D, or in remembrance of a time when games only needed one number suffix, here's a tribute to the mildly infuriating members of the slightly dysfunctional Star Fox team. Underbelly and BrentalFloss have teamed up with a handful of puppets by Hirokareo and sets by Sidewinder81777 to create this brilliant rendition of David Bowie's Space Oddity. I always felt like Fox was the most one dimensional character on the team, but after seeing my own frustration superimposed on him, he's definitely my favorite now.

    Protip: Pay attention to the pictures hanging in each character's cockpit for bonus laughs.

    (via Albotas)

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  6. Entertainment

    Question: Are We Tired of Quirky Bad Romance Covers Yet? Answer: No

    There's a place in the Venn diagram of my soul where nerd overlaps with musician. The part that kept saying no, no, the guy who's made an audio track out of water-in-pipe-gushing sounds and deliberately-created-mic-feedback has a valid artistic statement to make so you sit there and listen with an open mind, young lady. That voice didn't even have to show up to get me to watch Brett Domino and Steven Peavis cover Bad Romance on a couple of hand-sized Korg synthesizers.

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  7. Entertainment

    6 Hugh Jackman Period Films That Can Be Watched as Wolverine Prequels

    Hugh Jackman is a jack-of-all-trades sort of actor, as comfortable playing the action hero in a modern special effects blockbuster as he is playing the lead in a period musical.  The best thing about this (I mean, aside from good acting) is that he's done a lot of period films.  He's also the live action face of one of the Marvel Universe's nearly indestructible probably immortal badasses: Wolverine. This lead me inevitably to the conclusion that you could pretend that some of his period films were also about Wolverine.  Secretly. You couldn't call it canonical, since movie Wolverine spends his entire post-X-factor life with his half-brother Sabertooth (until the 1970's or so).  But you could call it amusing. Here's the Netflix queue for your fanfiction adventure:

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  8. Entertainment

    2010 Grammy Nominees Don’t Just Sing: a Rundown of their Voiceover Work

    From the blog Whose Voice is That? comes a truly extensive post on tonight's Grammy nominees, or at least those who also have voice acting credits. WViT's list covers a number of areas within our geeky purview, including David Bowie, Yogi Bear, Mos Def, Metalocalypse, and more.

    Our three favorite new bytes of knowledge are:

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