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    CW Released Their First Image Of “The Flash” and He’s Lookin’ Pretty Aight

    The CW has finally given us a glimpse of what their Fastest Man Alive will look like in a new promotional image, and would you believe it if we told you that the costume seems kind of awesome? Wait, a live-action interpretation of a DC Comics superhero that doesn't look awkward on first glance? Say it isn't so.

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    Starting Today, Get a Free DC Digital Comic Every Day for a Week

    If you're looking for an easy entry point into some comics, DC is giving away #1 issues of several Digital First comics for every day of the next week starting today. The Digital First comics are exactly what they sound like; they come out online before they're printed, so if you lack a local comic book store, these might be for you.

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    DC’s New Nightwing Trademark Almost Certainly Maybe Definitely Means… Something

    All it takes is one, little trademark, and everyone loses their minds! DC (not Warner) has filed a trademark for an image/logo to be slapped all over merchandise that is described as "Nightwing on bat," which sounds like the comic's current logo. Marketing preparation likely means something for Nightwing, and we've got a few theories.

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    It’s Superman’s 75th Anniversary! Watch this Cool Animated Short To Celebrate [Video]

    He doesn't look it, but Superman turns 75 today! So DC Comics commissioned this tribute by Zach Snyder and Bruce Timm, which follows the last son of Krypton through his many film, TV, and comic iterations -- even that crazy Death and Return arc from the '90s. We'll admit, watching the Animated Series-inspired part got us just a little verklempt.

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    Batwoman Writers Walk Away From DC, Citing Too Much Editorial Interference

    Batwoman has consistently been one of the best titles in comics since it first hit shelves in September 2011. However, as we all know, DC likes to ruin everything it touches. So it's not surprising (but still soul-crushing) that writers J.H. Williams III and W.H. Blackman are leaving the book due to editorial changes demanded by DC.

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    Ben Affleck as Batman? Really, Guys?

    Gosh, remember yesterday afternoon, when the only unusual comic book movie casting choice we were worried about was Bradley Cooper playing a talking raccoon? Little did we know what the Man of Steel 2 "World's Finest" (yes I'm deliberately putting that in quotation marks, because I'm using it ironically) would have in store for us!

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    DC Comics Resurrects He-Man, Starts Off With the Awesome Hordak

    I'm all about there being more things that there aren't enough of. Superheroes dominate the world of comics, and that's fine, but I always felt there weren't enough comics in other sci-fi/fantasy subgenres. It's getting much better, though, and I'm personally stoked to see He-Man -- you know, blond Conan in space sans the womanizing -- return to the world of comics in April. Masters of the Universe (MotU) is the perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy: Swords, spaceships, magic, pseudo-science, laser guns, and crazy doomsday devices. DC Comics picked up the reins and announced the new series in January, but now they're showing off some artwork from the first issue. Folks, Hordak's back, and he's getting scarier.

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    Holy Milestone, Batman! Detective Comics Celebrates 900 Issues This April

    Just because DC Comics' New 52 initiative rebooted an entire comic book universe and started fresh with a whole bunch of #1 issues certainly doesn't mean the publisher won't acknowledge one of its flagship titles reaching a 76-year milestone. This coming April, Detective Comics will be celebrating an astounding 900 issues chronicling the heroics of everyone's favorite -- no, really, how can anyone possibly hate on the guy? -- brooding super sleuth: Batman! The caped crusader has been solving mysteries and busting the underworld's teeth since his debut in Detective Comics #27, and DC Comics promises to do Batman justice with the second volume of the legendary series' 19th issue.

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    7 Comic Book Characters You Would Not Want to See on 12/21/12

    Well, boys and girls, it looks like the time has finally come: Today's the day mankind bids farewell to its existence and says a hearty hello to the feathered serpent god, Kukulkan, as he finally returns to our earthly plane. Even as we stare into the face of our imminent destruction, be thankful that we don't live in the fictitious realms of comic books. Why? Because if we did, every single day would feel like the apocalypse, what with so many intergalactic warlords, omnipotent entities, and cataclysms from the depths of space and beyond laying waste to Earth. If beings like that were tearing things up right here, right now, 12/21/12 truly would be a day to remember. On that note, here's seven comic book characters you wouldn't want to see on December 21st -- though your efforts to hide would prove futile!

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    New Man of Steel Trailer Released, Shows Film Could Potentially Not Suck

    The last time anybody got truly excited for a film featuring DC Comics' omnipotent powerhouse being released was back in 1979 for Superman: The Movie. Otherwise, the red "S" has since become synonymous with the image of a dead Comet the Super-Horse being beaten to a pulp by Warner Brothers film executives. This disdain for all things Superman extended somewhat to even the release of the first teaser trailer for director Zack Snyder's re-imagining of the hero, since it didn't give us much to work with. If the latest trailer for Man of Steel is anything to go by, it looks like our popcorn buckets might remain in our laps and not be hurled at the screen this coming summer.

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    “Gotham High” Would be The Angstiest Comic Book Movie Ever [Video]

    Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy complete may have only just reached its epic conclusion a few months ago, but you can bet that DC Comics and Warner Bros. are already hard at work figuring out an excuse to squeeze out another film and capitalize on the series' success. The guys and gals over at Movieclips Trailers have a suggestion: Turn Batman's origin story into a high school dramedy.

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    Guillermo Del Toro is Interested in Bringing Justice League Dark to The Big Screen

    DC Comics isn't nearly as organized about making movies as Marvel. They claim that they're going to make a Justice League movie by 2015, but as far as we know Disney has made more progress on the new Star Wars. While DC's uncertain future may be unfortunate for certain projects, it leaves the door open for other, less conventional projects. Guillermo Del Toro, creator of fantastically weird, dark films, may be looking to take advantage of the situation: According to io9, the Hellboy director has been talking to DC about making a movie based on Justice League Dark, the company's supergroup comprised of darker heroes from imprint Vertigo.

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    Neil DeGrasse Tyson Found Krypton for Superman in Comics and For Us in Real Life

    Everybody loves Neil DeGrasse Tyson. So it's no surprise that when DC Comics decided that Superman would try to find Krypton in the night sky in an upcoming issue of ACTION COMICS, they thought Mr. Tyson should be the person to help the Man of Steel. (In such a vulnerable moment, it's important to have support from a friend, right?) What DC wasn't banking on, I'd wager, was how involved Mr. Tyson would become once he agreed to let them use his likeness: Tyson worked with the writers to find a real star that could serve as a plausible location for Krypton's sun based on the relatively fuzzy criteria about the planet's location.

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    Justice League of America Launch Includes Variant Cover for Each State, Puerto Rico, and D.C.

    Comic books and variant covers go together like sandwiches and bread. Sure, comics could exist without them, but it just wouldn't be the same. DC Comics knows this all too well, apparently. As part of the February launch of their Justice League of America title, the first issue will include 52 distinct variant covers. When they say "America," they totally mean all of it. Each state will get their own variant, as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Seriously.

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    Court Rules Warner Bros. Still Owns 50% of Superman, Probably the “Super” Part

    DC Comics, and by extension Warner Bros. Entertainment, cut a deal in 1992 that basically meant they assumed 50% ownership of everything Superman in perpetuity. This has since been hotly contested by Joe Shuster's heirs, even though it was his sister and heir Jean Peavy that made the agreement in the first place. After a lengthy legal battle, the court has now ruled that the 1992 agreement stands, and Warner Bros. totally owns 50% of Superman.

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