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    Diablo III Still Coming to Current Consoles for Some Reason, Will Release September 3rd

    Diablo III keeps having economy issues on the PC, so of course it's only appropriate to keep chugging along with the console version, right? Right. That's apparently the thinking at Blizzard, as Diablo III is set to release on September 3rd for PS3 and Xbox 360. It's currently unclear when it'll drop on next-gen consoles, but it's not improbable that we'll hear in the coming week.

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    Gamers’ Lawsuit Goes After Blizzard Over Battle.Net Authenticator System

    In the wake of a series of invasive hacks earlier this year, Battle.Net users are taking their anger and frustration out on Blizzard with a new class action lawsuit. While lawsuits are par for the course when it comes to potentially leaking users' credit card information, it seems that WoW and Diablo III fans are enraged over a different aspect of the scandal. Rather than focusing on the allegedly lackluster security of Battle.Net, users are suing over the fact that Blizzard tried to take advantage of the event by strongly recommending that insecure users buy the Battle.Net authenticator, a little keychain dongle that generates random passwords for players' accounts.

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    Hold Onto Your Gold Purses, Battle.Net’s Been Breached

    It's time to change your passwords, World of Warcraft fans! The security of has been compromised, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime announced earlier this week. The breach has since been found and closed, but not before a  big ol' list of user names, answers to security questions, and data related to Blizzard's special Authenticator software was taken from their servers.

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    Diablo III Exploit Makes Wizards Invulnerable, Cue Hardcore Inferno Speedruns

    An exploit has emerged on the Diablo III forums that makes Wizards invulnerable. Characters apparently experience no health or arcane power reduction, and are also immune to certain effects like freezing. The exploit is still working at the time of this writing, but don't expect something like this to go unfixed for very long.

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    Blade & Soul Tops Diablo III In Korea, But Do We Care?

    NC Soft's Blade & Soul is the hot new game in Korea, with its open beta topping the PC Bang charts at 20.35%. Diablo III's iron grip on Korean gamers seems to have weakened as it drops to 17.74%, the first time it went sub-20% in 5 weeks. So is this the end of Diablo III? Not very likely.

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    Diablo III Real-Money Auction House Slated For Release Tomorrow, Requires Authenticator

    About a month after launch, it looks like Blizzard may finally roll out the real-money auction house. Slated for release tomorrow (June 12), the new supplemental auction house will allow players to use their real-people money to directly bid on weapons and armor, a first for the franchise. There is a small catch though; if you want to use the real-money auction house, you're going to have to use an authenticator. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

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    Does The Auction House Make Diablo III Less Addictive Than Its Predecessor?

    Diablo III was one of the most anticipated game releases in history, and as such, it had a lot to live up to. Diablo II players were famously devoted to the game and many eventually wound up selling gear on eBay and ultimately destroying the game's native gold economy. To try and get a piece of this hot, hot action, Blizzard implemented the auction house in Diablo III (one that uses real money is still in the works) but has this ability to just go and buy things undermined the very addictive nature that made Diablo II such a hit? Alex Curelea seems to think so, and provides some good evidence to back it up. Still, I'm not sure I agree.

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    How Much Do You Love Diablo III and Also Your Significant Other?

    We know how much you love Diablo III, or really any game from which you can't pry yourself away. We also know how fond you are of your significant other, and how difficult choosing between your beloved game and beloved significant other can be. Luckily for all of us, a solution has been discovered, and now we no longer have to choose between leveling up and cuddle time.

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    Blizzard Has a Huge Statue of Tyrael In Their Offices

    Not too long ago, we learned that Bethesda spruced up their offices with a huge statue of Alduin's Wall from Skyrim. Not to be outdone by Bethesda, Blizzard now has a huge statue of Tyrael, embodiment of Justice itself, from Diablo III, guarding their offices from hoards of grindy demons that like to drop various pairs of subpar pants upon death.

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    Ever Wonder How Much Action Your Mouse Sees in Diablo III?

    We've made a lot of (lovingly, heartfelt) jokes about the sheer amount of clicking in the Diablo games. Based on my limited experience with the latest installment, I can safely say that there's a helluva lot of clicking, mouse dragging, and so on. But exactly how much is staggering.

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    Blizzard Says Diablo III is the Fastest Selling PC Game in History

    Now that we can finally stop calling Blizzard's Diablo III a "forthcoming game," we can start crunching the numbers on the highly anticipated sequel's launch. Which might be worthwhile, because Blizzard announced today that the game has taken the title of the fastest selling PC game in history. Though, really, it should not be all that surprising.

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    Here’s How to Get to Diablo III’s Brightly Colored Secret Level “Whimsyshire”

    In my writeup of the Diablo lore in preparation for the release of Diablo III, I neglected to mention the (in)famous Cow Level. It began as a rumor in the original Diablo and only became reality in the second game. References and persistent denials about the Cow Level have become as much a part of Blizzard as delays and obsessive secrecy. Now, it seems that Diablo III has a secret cow level of its own. Spoiler-ish information and a video follow below.

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    Multiple Groups Beat Diablo III in 7 Hours, Single Player Beats It In 12

    Though Diablo III only released less than twenty-four hours ago, you can imagine that after waiting twelve years for Blizzard's next clicktastic, hack-and-slash crawler, fans went hard in the paint. Like with new World of Warcraft level caps, there are always people who try to get to the "end" first, whatever the end is in any scenario. So, it's probably no surprise that reports are surfacing around the web that multiple groups have already beaten Diablo III, and not very long after the 3 AM EST release time. The most compelling reports state that a single player beat the entire campaign in twelve hours and twenty-nine minutes, and two multiplayer groups, one of which comprised of four players, each have tackled the campaign in seven hours.

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    Blizzard Steps in After GAME Australia Reneges on Diablo III Preorders

    There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday as Aussies discovered that by virtue of GAME Australia going "into administration" (similar to bankruptcy), customers who preordered Blizzard's Diablo III would not have their preorders honored or refunded. Thankfully, Blizzard rode up in shining armor to help those fans get the hack-and-slash fix they've been waiting for.

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    Diablo III Launches Tonight, Catch Up on the Lore From the Previous Games

    Given the simplistic hack-and-slash play of the Diablo games, you might think that the lore surrounding the adventures are just as straightforward. You would be entirely wrong. The story is one of corruption and deception, and has as many turns as the labyrinth beneath the town of Tristram, where you begin in the first game. But like a labyrinth, those many turns have no dead ends, and it seems that everything has a purpose in the dark, twisted world of Sanctuary. Here's the jist of it. Stay a while and listen!

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