1. Gaming

    Add Flavor to Any Game Room with These Stained Glass Dice

    It's Saturday night, you and your noble band of adventurers are sitting around a table, and the Game Master is plotting your demise. But something's missing. You need something to really get the group into the game. Well, Claudia Malmberg has just the thing you're looking for. She makes and sells stained glass role-playing dice to brighten up your gaming headquarters. These dice, which can be found on Etsy, come as lamps, dice bowls, and more from her online shop, Dicey Decor. Make the jump to see a gallery of a few of theses amazing dice-shaped knick knacks and to learn how you can get your hands on one.

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  2. Science

    Survey Method Shows That A Throw of the Dice Makes People More Honest

    In general, the smart criminals among us know that the basic elements of getting away with an illegal act is to deny personal involvement. The old, "it wasn't me" defense. But there are many circumstances where researchers and policy makers need accurate data about criminal acts in order to better understand how to prevent them from happening, in addition to understanding their magnitude. One such instance is the illegal killing of leopards in South Africa. So, how can you get people to own up to the crimes they have committed? Researchers from Bangor University in the UK have a solution: Get the suspected criminal to throw dice. Led by Freya St John and Julia Jones, researchers have tested a randomized response technique based on throwing dice to get more accurate information from the public about the number of illegal leopard killings that take place in South Africa.

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  3. Weird

    Spectacular Sculptures Made Entirely Out of Dice

    Artist Kim Hyun has created these wonderful, colorful statues of human figures made entirely out of dice. While aspiring artists are often told to break figures down into component pieces, Hyun's work takes it a step further using heaps of d6s, d20s, and everything between and beyond. Perhaps it's a commentary on the random chance that rules existence, or just an impressive visual accomplishment. See more after the break.

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  4. Tech

    Study: The Best Way to Hire Top Technical Talent Is to Let Workers Telecommute

    Even as the broader economy lurches slowly towards recovery and jobs are hard to come by for many, technically skilled workers remain in demand. According to a recent survey conducted by tech career website, most potential employers continue to miss out on what could be one of the most effective means of recruiting talented technologists: Allowing telecommuting for full-time positions. According to Dice's study, less than one percent of the jobs posted on the site offer telecommuting, "Yet, more than one-third of technology professionals said they’d cut their salary by up to 10 percent in exchange for telecommuting full-time. What’s remarkable is that even after two years of flattish compensation, technology professionals are willing to sacrifice $7,800 on average to work from home." There's a good discussion underway on Hacker News about the pros and cons of telecommuting, from the obvious (greater productivity working from home; also greater loneliness and an inability to escape the office) to the less so (in-office workers may consciously or unconsciously sabotage the idea of full-time telecommuters because overall, more telecommuters could serve to depress office workers' wages.) (Dice via Fortune via HN)

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  5. Gaming

    Playable Taliban in Multiplayer Is Just Not a Good Idea

    News that Taliban fighters would be one of the playable sides in the online multiplayer of the next Medal of Honor game has been greeted with apprehension by some, who voiced legitimate concern over the interactions between the online multiplayer FPS community with something as sensitive as the current and ongoing war in Afghanistan. When asked about gamers feeling uneasy playing as Taliban, gamemaker DICE has responded:
    "I think it is a fair point," said producer Patrick Liu... "We do stir up some feelings, although it's not about the war, it's about the soldiers.
    "We can't get away from what the setting is and who the factions are, but in the end, it's a game, so we're not pushing or provoking too hard."

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  6. Gaming

    Ten Edible Board Games

    We thought you'd never ask!

    For some reason, the rectangular shapes and smooth detailing of hobby board games -- especially those slightly abstract yet adorably representative Eurogames -- makes gamers long for the sweet, sweet taste of cake. Delicious cake.

    And sometimes, those gamers happen to actually be good at baking! And to produce edible versions of the board games that, while not so arcane and complex as to be unplayable, are still obscure enough that playing them doesn't evoke memories of family Monopoly sessions.

    So! Behold! Ten board games, presented in cake form!

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