1. Weird

    Good Job, Humanity: You Made Ducks Obese

    You know what ducks eat in nature? Not white bread. Because that's people food. And when consumed all day, every day, makes people fat. So imagine what it does to something one-tenth our size: makes it really fat. Seriously: ducks are now eating enough bread to become obese and hurt their babies.

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  2. Science

    What Fruit Flies Eat as Larvae Affects Their Offspring, and That Could Also Be True of Humans

    A study done at The University of Alabama in Huntsville has shown that the larval diet of fruit flies has an impact on their offspring long before they're born or even conceived. Fruit flies are often used in studies as a stand in for humans because we have a similar metabolism, so that could mean what we eat growing up could have an impact on our kids.

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  3. Science

    AsapSCIENCE Explores the Many Faces of 200 Calories [Video]

    With summer entering full swing, I doubt I'm alone in working to shed a couple of pounds before my first trip to the beach this year. If you're also aiming to drop some excess baggage from a winter and spring full of good meals and perhaps a little less physical activity than is advisable, chances are you, too, are taking time lately to count your calories. As always, the reliable hands at AsapSCIENCE are here to help -- this time with a convenient video reminder that all calories are not created equal, and that they can take you by surprise sometimes. OK, fine --  a lot of the time.

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  4. Weird

    Viking Thanksgiving Would Have Been Seal Meat, Just Like Pretty Much Every Viking Meal

    If you're hard-pressed for things to be thankful for today, may we offer a humble suggestion? Be glad you're not a Viking, because those folks had to eat a whole lot of tough, blubbery seal meat -- up to 80% of their regular calorie intake -- to survive. If anyone was planning on making their first million marketing The Viking Diet might be time to let that dream die, because the Viking diet was apparently vile.

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  5. Weird

    17-Year-Old Girl Lived on Chicken Nugget Diet for 15 Years, is Rushed to Hospital

    17-year-old Stacey Irvine of Castle Vale, Birmingham was living the dream until just recently; she'd been subsisting on a diet primarily composed of McDonald's chicken nuggets, sometimes -- but rarely -- straying from the staple for some KFC or a piece of toast. Just recently, however, it all caught up to her when she had trouble breathing and collapsed. She was taken to the hospital where doctors found swollen blood vessels in her tongue and the prescense of anaemia and promptly loaded her up with vitamins. Considering she has had neither fruit nor vegetable -- outside of ketchup, maybe -- in 15 years, it's a small miracle she didn't also have scurvy.

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  6. Science

    Scientists Say Dieting Causes Your Brain To Eat Itself

    We've all heard the reasons why dieting can be unhealthy. Most nutritionists will tell you that eating the right food in the right quantity is far more beneficial for health than going on some fad diet, but researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have a new reason why you shouldn't diet. Dieting causes the brain to eat itself. Om, nom, nom.

    Published in the journal Cell Metabolism, the researchers found that in mice, neurons in the hypothalamus start to eat their own organelles (interior parts of a cell) and proteins when the animals are deprived of food. Now, the body cannibalizing itself isn't something new, when the body is starving cells will start consuming pieces of themselves in a process known as autophagy, but until now, it was believed that the brain was resistant to this process.

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