1. Science

    Earliest Known Dinosaur — Or Closest Evolutionary Relative — Discovered

    An international team of researchers have identified what they think is the earliest specimen of a dinosaur on record, a find that could rewrite textbooks and push back the development of dinosaurs between 10 and 15 million years from the Late to Middle Triassic period, suggesting that during their early development, dinosaurs wouldn't have been the dominant vertebrate group on the planet. An unassuming specimen -- which had been sitting on a shelf at the Natural History Museum in London since being discovered in the 1930s -- Nyasasaurus parringtoni was a vegetarian, land-dwelling reptile about the size of a labrador retriever boasting a 5-foot-long tail, and likely originated in the southern portion of the super-continent Pangea.

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  2. Science

    It Belongs in a Museum: Two Tyrannosaurus Goin’ At It

    In addition to sporting a massive collection of dinosaur remains and replicas, the Jurassic Museum of Asturias on the northern coast of Spain also has a display that features two copulating Tyrannosaurus rex. How about that? Of course, the orientation of the two dinosaurs on display is a complete guess. Even after decades of study, paleontologists are still divided on how to determine the gender of T-rex remains. We can all agree on thing, though: Those tiny arms look even sillier in this context. Now excuse me while I book a flight to Spain right after I swing by the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

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  3. Weird

    Dress Up Your Dog Like Animals More Dangerous Than Dogs, Also a Tortoise

    If you've ever wanted to dress up your dog as a dinosaur, then these officially licensed Animal Planet costumes are just for you. There are currently three models of dino-dog costumes -- stegosaurus, triceratops, and velociraptor. However, there are several other dangerous species included. Read on after the break for a look at these adorable, rampaging canine cosplayers.

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  4. Entertainment

    School Children Entertained, Terrified by Life-Like Dinosaur Puppet

    I had my share of school assemblies when I was growing up, but nothing like this. Maybe some guy explaining how electric cars work, or trying to convince me to sell lots of chocolate and nuts on behalf of the school. Not once did someone in a giant T-Rex suit making shockingly life-like movements show up to make us giddy with a mixture of delight and pants-wetting fear. Those are some lucky kids. (via The Daily What)

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  5. Science

    Finally: We Know a Dinosaur’s Colors (White and “Ginger.”)

    The Sinosauropteryx -- a small, two-legged dinosaur covered with whiskerlike fuzz that may have predated feathers -- has had its real-life colors discovered, thanks to the recently-published work of some paleontologists. Using micrographic analysis, they discovered melanosomes -- organelles that contain melanin, the same pigment found in human skin -- "in the feathers and filament-like structures of fossil birds and dinosaurs from northeastern China." Their conclusion? The Sinosauropteryx had a ginger-colored body and white stripes along its tail.

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