1. Science

    Meet The Eleven-Foot “Chicken From Hell”

    Apparently Tyrannosaurus Rex had a vaguely ridiculous but still intimidating foe: an 11-foot long feathered dinosaur named after a Mesopotamian monster that paleontologists have uncovered in Hell Creek, Dakota. Chickens: what happened?

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  2. Science

    “Tiny” T-Rex Discovered In the Arctic

    There are over 50 different varies of T Rex, but the most recently discovered version of the dinosaur king is puzzling for its size as well as the surprising location where its fossil was unearthed. Meet Arctic "polar bear lizard" Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, the baby brother of them all.

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  3. Weird

    Two-Legged T-Rex Kitten Proves The Only Thing That’s Extinct Is Despair

    Mercury is an adorable tabby kitten whose front legs were tragically removed in a weed whacker accident, because humans are horrible monsters. Thankfully, a loving family in Oklahoma redeemed the rest of us by fostering the four day old kitty, who gets around fine with just his hind legs. But he something. You're all thinking it.

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  4. Science

    Dinosaur Pee Is Paleontology’s Newest Mystery

    Sometimes when you're a scientist, you do dignified things like name new species or cut the ribbons at a museum. And sometimes it's your job to figure out if and how dinosaurs peed, a paleontological mystery that has been gaining popularity since 2002.

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  5. Entertainment

    Spare No Expense With the Raptor Cage From Jurassic Park, Now on eBay for Over $99,900

    Hey, hey, hey! *Throws flare.* Yeah, I know you're not a T-Rex, but I thought that would be a good way to draw your attention to the fact that you can buy the velociraptor cage prop from Jurassic Park on eBay. Now you'll have a convenient place to store your "six foot turkey" for (mildly) safe transport to the theme park of your choice.

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  6. Science

    There’s a New Carnivorous Dinosaur Named after a Cannibalistic Man-Eating Monster, so That’s Fun

    It would take a super hardcore dinosaur to keep a T-rex down, and Siats meekerorum was just such a dinosaur. Recently discovered in Utah, it's the third biggest carnivorous dinosaur discovered in North America ever. So, yeah. It's probably good for the other dinosaurs that they're already all dead, or they'd be pretty scared right now.

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  7. Space

    An Astronaut Made Her Son a Dinosaur Toy In Space, All Other Toys Can Just Stop

    If you've got some spare time on your hands and you happen to be away from your kid, it might be adorable to make them a cute little toy. If you're an astronaut missing your son, and you make him a dinosaur toy out of scraps left around the International Space Station, you are Mother of the Year.

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  8. Science

    Here’s Hoping a Potentially Incredible Fossil Find Doesn’t Vanish Into a Private Collection

    A pair of fossils discovered in Montana -- a T-Rex or close relative and an unidentified triceratops relative -- could potentially teach paleontologists a great deal about their respective species. Since they're going up for auction later this week, though, there's a real possibility that researchers will never even get to see them.

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  9. Space

    This Gorgeous Star Trail Video Happens to Feature Cameos by Dinosaurs

    Borrego Springs, California is one of four certified "Dark Sky Communities" in the world according the Dark Sky Association -- which is something that sounds like a supervillain organization but is not. Borrego Springs also has a bunch of steel statues of things like dinosaurs, dragons, and huge insects that make for some lovely contrast against star trail footage. This fact is demonstrated by filmmaker Gavin Heffernan in this video titled "Borrego Stardance." It shows off lovely views of the night sky along with the sculptures. Heffernan recommends watching the video in HD with headphones on and the volume up, and we'd have to agree.

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  10. Science

    New Dinosaur Discovered, Given Extremely Apt Name of “Big Nose Horn Face”

    All the dinosaurs have been dead for literally millions of years, but we still manage to find some new ones every once in a while.  Case in point: Nasutoceratops titusi which was recently made an officially recognized species as described in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society. While this dino is related to the more-famous Triceratops, I think we can all agree that it's a lot more awesome. After all, you don't give a creature the name Nasutoceratops -- which literally translates to "Big Nose Horn Face" -- without it looking pretty dang ridiculous.

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  11. Science

    Smithsonian Museum of Natural History Finally Getting Their Own Tyrannosaurus Rex

    There are only about a dozen complete or near-complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons in the world, and none of them live at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. None of them live anywhere. They're fossils, but none of them exist as fossils at the Smithsonian, but that's about to change. They're finally getting their own T. rex skeleton.

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  12. Weird

    Florida Man Brings, Forgets Loaded Gun on Disney World Dinosaur Ride

    Folks, can we all agree that there are places you probably shouldn't bring a loaded gun, and that the list of those places has "Disney World" near the top of it? We can't? Oh. Well, I shouldn't be surprised. After all, just this weekend Floridian Angelo Lista brought his .380 Cobra on the Dinosaur ride at the theme park's Animal Kingdom attraction, only to have the firearm fall out of his pocket during the bumpy trip. Luckily, the gun -- loaded with five hollow point rounds -- was found by a grandmother who turned it in to park officials.

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  13. Science

    Learn How Allosaurus Fed With This Awesome ‘Visible Dinosaur’ Animation

    Allosaurus and T-Rex have a lot in common. They're both carnivores, both theropods, and I would not know whether to cheer or weep in terror if I saw either one in the flesh. But researchers at Ohio University's Witmer Lab have discovered one important difference in the way the two creatures fed. While the much larger T-Rex ate like a crocodile -- shaking prey in its massive jaws to rip away chunks of flesh -- the smaller allosaurus likely ate more like a falcon, tearing off smaller strips of flesh from its unlucky victims. It's pretty much as close as you can get to 'dainty' when discussing the eating habits of a 30-foot-long, two-and-a-half ton murder lizard.

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  14. Science

    Carl Zimmer Explains Where Feathers Come From in Latest TED-Ed Animation [Video]

    Folks, can we talk about these TED-Ed videos? Because they are becoming some of my favorite things. In this magnificently animated piece, science writer Carl Zimmer waxes poetic on the aesthetic and engineering feats that make feathers so incredible before delivering a point by point walkthrough of what we know about how feathers evolved -- and what we don't. This lesson in how modern birds developed from ancient dinosaurs more or less the perfect thing to distract you from work today, and come on -- it's not like you're here because you desperately want to get things done.

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  15. Science

    Particle Accelerator Study Could Reveal Dinosaur Skin Color

    Researchers at the Canadian Light Source (CLS) particle accelerator are hoping to answer the once and for all the burning question of just what color dinosaurs were, and in the process, make millions of kids who use the wrong kind of crayons to shade in the triceratops in their dinosaurs coloring book look like idiots.

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