1. Science

    “Tiny” T-Rex Discovered In the Arctic

    There are over 50 different varies of T Rex, but the most recently discovered version of the dinosaur king is puzzling for its size as well as the surprising location where its fossil was unearthed. Meet Arctic "polar bear lizard" Nanuqsaurus hoglundi, the baby brother of them all.

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  2. Weird

    So Apparently You Can Get Coffee To Run Out Of Your Household Taps [VIDEO]

    Okay, so it's probably easier to use your one-cup coffee maker - but wouldn't it be way cooler if you could run hot coffee out of your taps? These two fellows from the Norwegian show Ikke gjør dette hjemme ("Do Not Do This At Home") set their house up to do just that, and it seems pretty instantly delicious.

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  3. Science

    Giant Squid Footage is Actually of a Giant Squid, And It’s Apparently Silver

    Last month we reported that a film crew from Discovery Channel had captured footage of a giant squid at home in the inky blackness of the ocean's depths -- the place where all the most horrid nightmares are born -- for an episode of the cable network's Curiosity series. Since we're inclined to take a "pics or it didn't happen" view of the world over here, it's safe to say that we were all dubious of the claim, especially when past experience has shown that such overhyped discoveries are often run-of-the-mill colossal squid that don't even merit a second glance. Today, though, we're delighted to report that our cynicism was, for once, unfounded. The team of giant squid enthusiasts behind last month's bold claim has released this photo of the legendary aquatic beast that caused superstitious vikings and pirates to soil themselves at the mere mention of it -- we assume.

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  4. Science

    Release the Kraken Giant Squid! New Footage Captures Elusive Beast for First Time

    Seen here in an artistic interpretation, the giant squid is thought to be the inspiration for many sea monster stories throughout history like the Kraken, Scylla, Cthulhu, and probably Sharktopus, but it refuses to be taken alive. It won't even let its picture be taken alive, until now that is. A film crew for Discovery has captured the first footage of a live giant squid in its natural habitat, probably doing squid stuff.

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  5. Space

    NASA to Hold Press Conference on Mercury Today at 2PM, Disappointing Everyone [Updated]

    Since NASA's tease last week about "historic" new findings on Mars, the world's been anxiously awaiting details about what the Curiosity's been up to on the red planet. That's why the news that NASA will be holding a 2PM press conference today has everyone in a tizzy. Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be as today's press conference is not about Mars, but will reveal new findings from the MESSENGER spacecraft orbiting Mercury. Don't take it personally, Mercury. You're interesting too; we just really want to hear what they found on Mars.

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  6. Science

    Russian Team Breaches Underground Lake Vostok, Sealed for 15 Million Years Beneath Two Miles of Ice

    After twenty years and 2.2 miles of drilling, a Russian scientific team has reported that they have breached the ice cap above Lake Vostok some 3,768 meters beneath Antarctica. Though many had theorized the existence of lakes beneath the antarctic ice since the 19th century, conclusive proof of one did not exist until 1993 when satellite data confirmed that an ancient fresh water lake did indeed exist. Untouched for nearly 15 million years, breaching Lake Vostok could have wide ranging effects on our understanding of life itself.

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  7. Space

    Space Shuttle Discovery Stripped Down, Looks Sad

    When it was announced that the retired Space Shuttles would be put on display at museums across America, it was a sweet follow-up to the sad news that the whole program would be retired. But The Universe Today's set of pictures showing Space Shuttle Discovery stripped down, looking sad and forlorn as it was towed to the Vertical Assembly Building is a painful price. In preparation to becoming museum pieces, the Shuttles will have their engines removed -- the three main engines in the back, and the maneuvering thrusters in the nose. The shuttles will also be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of any of the toxic chemicals. The result is a rather sad looking ship, far from the powerful vehicle that flew to space and back so many times. With its windows covered up like that, I can't help but feel like Discovery has had its eyes poked out. Hopefully the Shuttles will look a bit less pitiful when the decommissioning process is complete. Read on below for more images of Discovery, which may or may not tug at your heartstrings.

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  8. Space

    Watch NASA Retrieve Two Humongous Solid Rocket Boosters From the Ocean [Video]

    Having fallen from the sky during space shuttle Discovery's final flight, two solid rocket boosters float in the ocean until NASA swings by to collect them. Watch as crew members aboard the boats Liberty Star and Freedom Star collect the used boosters in order to return them to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, which is where they'll be processed, and shipped off to Utah if they need to be refurbished.

    (via Gizmodo)

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  9. Space

    Discovery’s Last Silhouette

    There are many photos of various spacecraft traversing across the disk of the sun as they orbit the Earth. However, this one is special. This picture, taken on March 1 by Alan Friedman, shows the Space Shuttle Discovery midway through its final mission. A poignant image, to be sure. Discovery will be landing tomorrow, March 9, ending decades of service. It is the oldest of the remaining orbiters, and it will be the first to roll off the tarmac and into history. But no post would be complete without some obligatory educational content. Try this on for size, from Discover Magazine:
    [...] see that sunspot cluster on the left? It looks to be about the same apparent size as the ISS… but it actually spans a region as big as Jupiter!
    (Alan Friedman via Discover Magazine)

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  10. Space

    Discovery Launch As Seen From a Passenger Flight [Video]

    Space Shuttle Discovery launched for its final flight a couple of days ago and gave us some pretty views. Luckily, a flight from Orlando, Florida happened to pass by the Kennedy Space Center around the time of he launch, and a quick-thinking passenger on the plane, YouTube user NeilMonday, was able to record the Discovery launch from his passenger plane's window, providing viewers with an angle of shuttle launches that we rarely get to see.

    Also, at about 0:19 into the video, if you listen closely enough, you can hear (who is presumably) the pilot being funny over the plane's intercom. Head on past the break to see a larger and prettier version of the video.


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  11. Space


    The Space Shuttle Discovery begins its final mission. (via @NASAKennedy)

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  12. Science

    What Happens When You Put a Lighter In A Blender?

    Discovery tried out this experiment on Time Warp a few years back. Suffice it to say there is a massive fireball. (via Presurfer)

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  13. Science

    Stephen Hawking’s Alien Warning: Let’s not Contact them, After All

    Stephen Hawking: "If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans...

    We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn't want to meet."

    In what I have to imagine will be one of the better headlines you are going to read today, scientist Stephen Hawking offers some sage advice on how to deal with an alien encounter.

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  14. Space

    Space Shuttle Discovery Landing Delayed for Non-Volcano Reasons

    NASA buffs may be sad to learn that after much anticipation, Space Shuttle Discovery will not be landing today as planned. Unlike seemingly every other travel delay these days, the cause of Space Shuttle Mission STS-131's setback is not dust and ash scattered by the volcanic eruption in Iceland, but plain old rain and clouds over the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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