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    Move Over, Furby: These Disney Research Figures Have Printed Optic Animated Eyeballs

    Disney's always been on the forefront of animatronic technology -- just ask all the surprisingly lifelike dudes who live in the Hall of Presidents. So it's no surprise that they're looking to ramp up the level of interactivity possible, and the 3D-printed optics on these toys are a good first step. You know, when they're not creeping us out a bit with their cold laser gaze.

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    Disney Research’s “Touché” is Touch Control on Another Level

    Or in this case, multiple frequencies. Touché, from Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a project that explores what they're calling "a novel Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique" that would allow objects to sense multiple different touch gestures. By objects, they mean humans, liquids, sofas and just about anything else you can touch. Hello, Minority Report.

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