1. Tech

    Finally, an Infographic That Teaches You to Build a Lightsaber

    Was your 2014 New Year's Resolution "build a lightsaber"? If so, this infographic from electronics supplier Newark has you covered. Of course, it's teaching you to build a lightsaber replica and not an actual lightsaber, but still. It's an elegant infographic for a more civilized age.

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  2. Entertainment

    Somebody Made a TARDIS Jukebox out of Recycled Cardboard, and It’s Pretty Amazing

    Nine months ago, geophysicist David Prouty's teenage daughter challenged him to create something awesome out of recycled boxes for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary. He's a tiny bit late, but after seeing that he basically made his own whooshing, light-flashing TARDIS, we're totally willing to forgive him.

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  3. Tech

    For $10, Convert Your Smartphone into a Microscope with Photo and Video Capabilities

    Now you can do science at home with a $10 DIY smartphone microscope stand. Like pretty much everything else they touch, smartphones make microscopes better by making them less expensive, more portable, and granting you the ability to take photos and video of your subjects. It's great to live in the future.

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  4. Weird

    Create Your Very Own Glitch Art, Become as Terrifyingly Awesome as a Broken GIF

    Have you ever taken an amazingly-clear digital photo with your phone or camera, and become suddenly nostalgic for the old days of broken images and creepy glitches? Well, despair no more, hipsters of the internet, because this new DIY Image Glitch Generator is here to help.

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  5. Entertainment

    This Russian DIY Carnival Ride Looks As Fun As It Is Dangerous [Video]

    Fact: The degree to which a carnival ride seems to imperil your life is directly correlated to how much fun it is. Need proof? Here are three Russian knuckleheads demonstrating the ultimate DIY thrill ride by riding in the bucket of a construction digger that spins them around and periodically dunks them into a pond. What could go wrong?

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  6. Entertainment

    Oreo-Separating Genius David Neevel on His New MTV Other Show Practically Useful

    David Neevel likes to build things, but he doesn't like the creme in the middle of Oreos. That's why he built a machine that removes it with a hatchet. It was one of a series of videos Oreo released showing interesting ways to separate the creme and the cookie. Now Neevel has his own show on MTV's new online outlet MTV Other called Practically Useful. On the show he builds things you never knew you needed -- like a coffee cup with a level indicator.

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  7. Tech

    Turn Anything In Your House Into A Flying Drone With This Drone-It-Yourself Kit [Video]

    Real talk? The skies of the future are going to be full of drones. Government drones, drones owned by companies, personal drones, drones for surveillance, drones for environmental protection, drones delivering pizzas. For our part, we believe that if the skies are going to be crowded with nightmarish flying robots watching our every step, some of them may as well be creatively designed. That's where this handy kit designed by Jasper van Loenen comes in. Using a few simple 3D-printed parts, you can turn "droneify" pretty much anything you own.

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  8. Tech

    You Had Us At Laser Gatling Gun [Video]

    It's official -- German laser aficionado Patrick Priebe has all the best toys. We've brought you looks at Priebe's work before, including a working replica of the Dead Space plasma cutter, but his newest project really takes the cake, because seriously, all I've ever wanted out of life is a gatling gun that shoots high-energy lasers. Which means all I have to do to make my life complete is go and steal Priebe's.

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  9. Tech

    7 Geeky DIY Father’s Day Gifts Dad Might Actually Want

    Tomorrow is Father's Day here in the United States. We're assuming our readers are all good sons and daughters who plan ahead for this sort of thing, but if you find yourself in a bit of a bind this year, might we recommend that homemade approach? We've got some great ideas for last minute gifts you can make yourself, and they beat the pants off that ash tray you made in third grade.

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  10. Tech

    DIY Mjolnir Packs 80,000 Volts of Awesomeness Inside

    We're lucky to live in a world that also contains the folks over at Hack A Day, for whom "Gee, that sounds dangerous" is not a sentence to give pause, but a rallying cry to see how far one can push a strange, and quite possibly bad, idea. And that, folks, is how an 80,000-volt Tesla coil got inside a homemade replica of Thor's hammer.

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  11. Tech

    Adafruit Shrinks a Wearable Arduino Platform Down to One Inch

    Don't you hate it when you're building the arc reactor for your Iron Man costume, but the Arduino powered circuit board you're using is just too big? Well friend, it sounds like you could use the Adafruit Gemma! It packs most of the wearable computing power you love about Adafruit's larger Flora model into to a one-inch disc. Perfect for all your arc reactor needs. Sure, the Adafruit Gemma could probably be used for a lot of different projects, but if I had one, I'd totally use it to build an arc reactor.

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  12. Entertainment

    This TARDIS Model is Bigger on the Inside Thanks to Augmented Reality [Video]

    Any Doctor Who fan can tell you that the TARDIS is "bigger on the inside," but reproducing the dimensionally transcendental interior of the Doctor's little blue box in a model or toy is a bit impossible at the moment -- except with augmented reality. Greg Kumparak used augmented reality to create this TARDIS model that appears bigger on the inside, at least when you look at it through Kumparak's smartphone.

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  13. Tech

    You’re Doing It… Actually, Pretty Well? Syrian Rebels Build DIY Tank [Video]

    If there's one thing about warfare, it's that it offers absolutely no luxuries. Sometimes, when one's life is on the line, you have to buck up and make do with what you have when it comes to your survival. The Syrian rebels are no stranger to this concept and have relied on their ingenuity and basic programming skills to cobble together their own DIY tank. Built upon an old car chassis, the tank, dubbed the "Sham II" in honor of ancient Syria, boasts a camera system, internal LCD display and -- perhaps the most important feature -- a pivoting gun turret controlled by a video game controller. It may not get any points in the looks department, but let's face it -- if you have to make a decision between "crappy tank" and "no tank," you're going with "crappy tank" like, every time. Video after the jump.

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  14. Tech

    Power an Electric Candle With a Regular Candle Because You Can

    Just in time for the holidays, we've found an electric candle that is powered by a regular candle. Why would anyone want to power an electric candle with a regular candle? Why not just light the candle, or turn on the electric candle? Why make one rely on the other? Because it's awesome. That's why. The best part is that it's complete with instructions on how to make one yourself. We'll try not to burn down the office.

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  15. Entertainment

    Glockentar Is The Guitar/Robotic Glockenspiel Mashup We Didn’t Even Know We’d Been Waiting For

    What do you get when you cross the remains of a dismembered guitar with an Arduino powered robotic glockenspiel? In the interest of full disclosure, we've never had occasion to ask ourselves that question. We have an answer to it today, though, and the answer is glockentar, a musical chimera of bells, circuits, strings and light projections know what? Just check out the video. It's one of those "you have to see it for yourself" things.

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