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    Benedict Cumberbatch Denies He’ll Be in Star Wars, Does Anyone Believe Him?

    Fans who've been following rumors about Benedict Cumberbatch's role in the next Star Wars movie may find themselves disappointed to learn that he's denied involvement with the film... until they remember that he also said he wasn't playing Khan in J.J. Abrams' last Star Trek movie. So, yeah, don't count out the possibility just yet.

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    A Dalek Head Was Found Submerged in a UK Pond, What Is Even Real Anymore?

    Now, you have a handy replacement for your irrational fear that a shark hides in the depths of any body of water you get into! Hey, at least Daleks don't exterminate so well under water. Or at least, it seems like they don't because the one that was recently found in a UK pond was completely broken down—unless that's just what it wants us to think.

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    Check Out a Sneak Peak Of Titan Comics’ Upcoming Doctor Who Covers

    Last month Titan Comics announced that they'd be putting out a new run of Doctor Who comics after nabbing the license from IDW last year. They've just announced the creative teams for both of their upcoming series, and were also nice enough to release the gorgeously drawn covers for each. Yeah, we're gonna need poster sizes of these, please.

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    Want To Submit A LEGO Doctor Who Set to CUUSOO? Here Are 15 Ideas From Classic Storylines

    No one's more excited than us that LEGO CUUSOO will now accept Doctor Who-themed submissions. But simply slapping a long scarf sticker on a minifig is boring, right? We want very detailed and specific tie-ins to already existing serials and episodes, which is why we are now presenting you with this list of ideas. You're welcome.

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    Can This Fan-Made Doctor Who Opening Credit Sequence For Peter Capaldi Be Real Please?

    Doctor Who doesn't return for Series 8 until late summer, but fans (myself included) are eager to see what changes come with Peter Capaldi taking over the iconic role from Matt Smith. VFX artist NeonVisual imagines there will probably be a new credit sequence, and has brought his vision for it to life - and it's perfect and amazing.

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    Watch the TARDIS Jukebox Play Chameleon Circuit’s “An Awful Lot of Running” [Video]

    When we first wrote about the Recycled TARDIS Jukebox back in November, geologist and TARDIS-maker David Prouty decided to thank us by asking us if we had any song requests. We suggested "An Awful Lot of Running" by Chameleon Circuit, a Time Lord Rock band, and the end result is pretty stupendous. Seriously, Alex Day should pay this guy.

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    Twelfth Doctor Puppet Looks Adorable in His New Clothes

    The Doctor Puppet series on Youtube is always able to put smiles on our faces. Just look at 'em! Little puppets with adorably tiny suits who also happen to be Doctor Who references? And since 12's outfit was just revealed last week, it was only a matter of time before we'd get a second reveal from puppet master Alica Stern.

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    Geekosystem Podcast Episode 17 “Whommer Pants”

    Glen isn't around this week, so Victoria, Dan, and Carolyn step up and carry on without him. Not surprisingly, Doctor Who comes up as a topic and there's a lot of talk about Peter Capaldi's outfit.

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    The BBC Has Revealed Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor Costume, Fangirl Squees Are Deafening

    After months of anticipation (and promotional photos featuring Peter Capaldi in Matt Smith's signature outfit), the BBC has finally released the very first image of the Twelfth Doctor's official costume! Check out Capaldi as Twelve, rocking some amazing threads. Okay, well, some people hate it. But I love it.

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    “Blink To The Future” Is The Doctor Who/Back To The Future Mash-Up You Never Knew You Needed

    James Farr - the same guy who's making those incredible Star Wars/Nintendo mash-ups we've been bringing you - has created the best Saturday Morning Cartoon ever: a timey-wimey gigawatty blast where Doctor Who meets Back To The Future. Basically, Rory is Marty McFly and the TARDIS gets DeLorean'd.

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    New Doctor Who Action Figures Continue To Depict Twelve In Eleven’s Clothes

    In a move that surprises absolutely no one, the latest line of Doctor Who action figures has been released, and they offer literally no hints as to what the Twelfth Doctor's outfit will look like. What, you thought that's how you were going to find out what he wears? Please.

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  12. Weird

    Help The Geeky Hostess Crowdfund TARDIS Sprinkles on Kickstarter

    What do you get a baking geek who has everything? If you're Tara Theoharis, AKA The Geeky Hostess, what you really want to get them is nerd-themed sprinkles. That's why she put together this Kickstarter to make such a wonderful dream into a delicious, sugar-filled reality.

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    BBC Books Is Giving Us One More Eleventh Doctor/Clara Story with Into Nowhere

    Oh, sure, Matt Smith has left Doctor Who, but that doesn't mean Eleven's story is over. He continues in the latest BBC Books Doctor Who "Time Trips" novel Into Nowhere by Jenny T. Colgan, and he's paired up with Clara, The Impossible Girl for one more story if the Christmas Special left you wanting.

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    Whovians Rejoice! The Next Two Doctor Who Seasons Won’t Take Midseason Breaks

    Get out your party hats (fezzes), everyone! The first two seasons of Peter Capaldi's Doctor Who run will allow us to enjoy the entire season straight through for the first time in years (outside of post-season Netflix binge-rewatching). We still have to wait that painful week between episodes, but we'll take what we can get.

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    Play with a Wibbly-Wobbly Interactive Timeline of All the Doctors’ Travels has put together a handy interactive infographic for you to play along with the Doctor's travels at home. The Hurt Doctor (as we call him) would probably dislike how wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey it looks, but it's actually a really fun way to visualize just where in time the Doctor has gone on his roundabout path through history.

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