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  1. Space

    Here’s How Last Weekend’s Annular Eclipse Looked From Space

    While people on Earth were looking up to see the moon pass in front of the sun during last weekend's spectacular annular eclipse, astronauts and satellites were looking down. What they saw was decidedly less dramatic than a fiery ring around the black disk of the moon, but no less awe-inspiring. Instead, they saw the shadow our lunar neighbor cast.

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  2. Space

    Probably the Most Wigged-Out Pictures Ever Taken Aboard the International Space Station

    NASA astronaut Don Pettit, in addition to being flight engineer on Expedition 31, is also something of a gifted photographer. Aboard the International Space Station, Pettit began a series of long-exposure photographs from various locations on the orbiting outpost. Perhaps it's telling that the team chose a Starry Night-inspired background for their group photo because the resulting images are stunning.

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  3. Gaming

    Angry Birds Space, In Space [Video]

    What do they do on the International Space Station? Play Angry Birds with a keychain and some ping pong balls. And probably some other things too. Check out this video starring Don Pettit as he plays Angry Birds and does other things on the International Space Station. Also, stick around until 3:03 for some Angry Birds Space gameplay footage for desert. The game comes out on March 22, but it's not too early to get excited to finally have something fun to do on public transit again, or on the toilet.

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