double-slit experiment

  1. Science

    Double-Slit Experiment Performed With Large Molecules, Not Subatomic Particles

    The famous double-slit experiment tends to be a go-to experiment for science, as hilariously shown by it being performed in Minecraft with chickens. The point of the experiment is to show that matter and energy can be displayed as both waves and particles. In the experiment, light is shot at a surface that contains two parallel slits, and due to the wave nature of light, the light passing through the slits is split into a light and dark beam, which is observed on a surface behind the one with the slits. This isn't something light would do if it only consisted of particles, but when the light hits the surface behind the one with the slits, it is absorbed as if it were made of particles. A team at the University of Vienna in Austria, however, announced they completed the experiment using very large molecules instead of photons.

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  2. Gaming

    Double-Slit Experiment Recreated in Minecraft [Video]

    YouTube user spoonmonkeyuk recreated the double-slit experiment in Minecraft, using chickens of course, proving that Minecraft is a vital tool for science and should be taught in schools.

    (via Waxy)

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