Downton Abbey

  1. Weird

    “Chuffed” Spiked in Merriam-Webster Online Searches Yesterday, Here’s Why and What it Means

    "Chuffed" didn't make my list of 10 Piece of British Slang I'd Like to See Adopted in America, but a lot of readers suggested it after the fact. That's why when lexicographer Peter Sokolowski pointed out that it was spiking in searches on Merriam-Webster's site it caught my attention. Why'd it spike, and what's it mean?

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  2. Entertainment

    Paul Giamatti Cast as Maverick Playboy in Season Four of Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey doesn't really need to get any better than it is now, but it's going to anyway. Paul Giamatti is joining the PBS Masterpiece masterpiece for the finale of its fourth season. He's unfortunately apparently only appearing in that one episode, but hopefully we can expect him to return for season five. So who is he playing?

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  3. Entertainment

    Downton Abbey Made Watchable With Zombie Infusion

    Americans are fascinated by British culture -- Anglophiles are rampant and often in control of television channels -- but you know what we are also fascinated by? The animate dead. They're kind of like chocolate or Nutella, improving anything with their inclusion, and Quirk Books has shown us that zombies could even make Jane Austen palatable with 2009's release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Now folks have done one better. Writer Rob Kutner (of Conan) and illustrator Kody Chamberlain (30 Days of Night) have vastly improved the show Downton Abbey by bringing the dead back to life with their "Downton Zombey" video.

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  4. Entertainment

    10 Pieces of British Slang I’d Like to See Adopted in America

    I watch a lot of British television. My wife just watched all of Downton Abbey in about a day, and I love Doctor Who so much that we named our daughter Amelia. We're two cultures separated by a common language, but the more British television I watch, the more envious I've become of some of their slang terms, and I'd like to see some of them adopted into American English so I can use them without sounding like a jerk who's just been watching too much BBC.

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  5. Entertainment

    Celebrate the Return of the Bluth Family With These Arrested Development-Inspired Tumblrs

    Arrested Development has a date set for its comeback, and we couldn't be happier. The show is one of our rerun go-tos -- great for watching while doing doing the dishes or other menial chores -- and it goes great with pretty much anything. Need proof? Just check out some of these Tumblrs that mashup the wit and wisdom of the Bluth family with some of our other favorite TV shows, and commence getting pumped for 14 new episodes worth of quotable captions that are on their way.

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