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    Prep Yourself for the Release of Superior Spider-Man #1 With 50 Years of Trivia [Video]

    Whether you gracefully accepted it as the next bold step in the hero's storied legacy or drove yourself to giving up on reading anything from Marvel Comics forever -- which really translates to about two weeks, let's not kid ourselves -- there's no denying that the upcoming transition of the role of the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is a historic milestone for the web-slinger, with the new Spider-Man's madcap adventures in altruism starting tomorrow in Superior Spider-Man #1. As is the case with the renumbering of any comic series featuring a popular character, people who don't typically pick up funny books will fight inhibition and see what all the geeky hubbub is about, even if they're not up on the years of complex continuity. In an effort to save these valiant few the time spent reading back issues and collected editions, the fine folks at ComicVine have together a nifty video highlighting the important moments of Spider-Man and a certain villain's 50-year conflict that led to the controversial change in direction.

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    My Spoiler Senses Are Tingling: The Identity of the Superior Spider-Man Revealed

    Since revealing that The Amazing Spider-Man would end its near 50-year run with issue #700 and restart fresh with The Superior Spider-Man #1, Marvel Comics teased their legion of unwavering Spidey devotees with the knowledge that the wise-cracking hero and his spirited sense of carpe diem would be done away with in favor of an edgier, stronger, and smarter Spider-Man that can apparently shatter mere stone with his fingertips. "Wait," cheeped the little fanboys and girls, "what could possibly turn our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man into a calculating, take-no-prisoners vigilante?" We have the startling answer, and if you're not bothered by massive spoilers and want to see what the geeky hullabaloo is all about, web swing past the jump to ruin the surprise for yourself.

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