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    There’s a New Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer and Release Date, We’re Suddenly Having Difficulty Focusing

    I'm sorry, I forgot literally everything else in my life that isn't Dragon Age just now. Internet? What's an Internet? I don't know what that is because I am a citizen of Ferelden who will return to my home world of Thedas to lead the Inquisition on October 7th.

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    You Can Buy Dragon Age Plushies Online Now, They’re Adorable

    It's no secret that Dragon Age: Origins is one of the best games of all-time; but, until now, an essential part of the gaming experience has been missing: cuddliness! Thankfully, Sanshee is here to fill the Dragon Age void in our lives, giving us Nug and Mabari plushies just in time for the holidays.

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    Next Dragon Age Title Confirmed, But That’s About It

    BioWare's Mark Darrah, Executive Producer behind the Dragon Age franchise, did an odd thing today. Rather than making some huge announcement at a convention, Darrah announced the title for the next game in the franchise in a fairly concise letter. In it, he confirms that the next title will actually be called Dragon Age III: Inquisition, though that's about all he reveals.

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    New Trailer for Dragon Age: Redemption, Felicia Day’s Dragon Age Web Series [Video]

    Back in February, we were excited to report that Felicia Day will be writing and starring in a six episode web series based on BioWare's medieval RPG 'em up Dragon Age, entitled Dragon Age: Redemption. The series is set to follow Day's character, Tallis, an elvish assassin, in her search for a rogue mage. In the above trailer, we see Tallis getting a little bloody with other people's blood, so it seems Day might be departing from her usual role of Adorable Awkward Girl. The web series is set to launch on October 11, less than a week away, so mark your calendars and remember make room in your schedule for another Felicia Day web series.

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    Felicia Day Writing and Starring in Dragon Age Web Series

    Star of The Guild, costar of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, general Joss Whedon go-to guest star and geek dream girl Felicia Day is set to write and star in a six-episode web series based on BioWare's Dragon Age franchise. The web series, dubbed Dragon Age: Redemption, will follow Day's character and elvish assassin (of my heart) Tallis, who is in search of a rogue mage in the land of Ferelden, which is the world in which Dragon Age: Origins took place, as well as the world in which the upcoming Dragon Age installment will take place. Day describes her character as headstrong and a dirty fighter with a sarcastic sense of humor, because she "wanted to bring a modern sensibility to a fantasy character in a fantasy world." The series filmed in January, with Peter Winther as director and John Bartley as cinematographer. The series is set to release later this year.

    Felicia, I cordially invite you to the Geekosystem offices for a viewing upon the series' release. I also cordially invite you to the Geekosystem offices for any other thing that happens. Or if nothing happens.

    (USA Today via Joystiq)

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    What Makes Video Game Fonts Work? A Conversation with Ray Larabie

    Ray Larabie has given more thought than most to the question of how to make fonts and video games work together. Formerly an art director at Rockstar Toronto and currently the mastermind behind Typodermic Fonts, you may know Larabie's font designs from games like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age: Origins, and Mass Effect. Geekosystem recently got the chance to talk to Larabie about his favorite retro gaming fonts, why screens make type design harder, and the infernal prevalence of Handel Gothic in every sci-fi game ever:

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    Dragon Age II Will Exist, but Will it Get Any Better?

    Today it was announced that Dragon Age II is going to happen, and while people are generally happy, nobody is surprised by that news. But as we get into the specifics of the sequel, there may be some room for astonishment. Nothing is displayed in detail, of course, but it seems like almost every aspect of the game is getting at least a bit of a reboot. The game's official website, which has now launched, has some details that go over just how big the changes are going to be between Origins and the upcoming sequel.

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    Mixed Media: 10 Western Video Games that Would Make Great Anime Films

    This anime still comes from what I would call an unlikely source. Or at least a source with unlikely inspiration. The image comes from Dante's Inferno: The Animated Epic, a series of anime shorts inspired not by Dante's original Divine Comedy, but by the video game Dante's Inferno.

    Also mysteriously in existence is Halo Legends, an anime series based on the Halo franchise. Because when someone says "film adaptation of the Halo franchise," the first thought I have is "anime."

    And now this morning brings the announcement of yet another anime adaptation of a western video game: Dragon Age. Like all these other game animes, it'll be direct-to-video, with a 2011 release date.

    While I find this trend to be downright odd, there's undoubtedly some potential. Halo, at least, has a sufficient fan base that there could be an audience for the anime, and it's not a stretch to guess that there would be overlap in the anime and Halo markets. But Dante's Inferno and Dragon Age are each a bit of a stretch to justify. But who knows, they might be great.

    Which brings us to the bulk of our exercise. Here are 10 Western games that I know would make for sweet anime adaptations, ranked from how much I would salivate over it, in ascending order:

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    Possibility: Romance-Based DLC for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age?

    In an interview with some of the guys at BioWare last week, Kotaku asked what content was in store for Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age's future DLC packs, and jokingly wondered if more romance options were a possibility.

    Much to their surprise, their suggestion was taken totally seriously.

    [Greg] Zeschuk said that the idea of adding more dating and love to the game after the fact is an idea he likes. He thinks of such possible content as, in his words, "a romance pack," something that has nothing to do with combat and everything to do with relationships. "You know, It's possible," he said.

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