1. Weird

    West Des Moines Police Department Shows Off Killer Photoshop Skills to Warn You Not to Drink and Drive

    Don't drink and drive or you might turn into a weird sad looking stick person and go to jail. At least that's the message we're taking away from this image posted to the West Des Moines police department's Facebook page yesterday as a warning to St. Patrick's Day drinkers. Seriously though, don't drink and drive.

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  2. Science

    Pregnant Women Who Drink Wine Have Better Behaved Kids, But Not Because of the Alcohol

    There's certainly evidence to show that drinking too much during pregnancy is bad, but counter to that, a new study found that women who drank one glass of wine per week during pregnancy had better behaved children than teetotallers. That's not an invitation to start drinking if you're pregnant. Read on.

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  3. Tech

    Know the Facts About AAA’s “Tipsy Tow” Program Before You Get Drunk on New Year’s Eve

    We've noticed a lot of people sharing information and misinformation about AAA's "Tipsy Tow" program on social media leading up to New Year's Eve, so we thought we'd do our part to clear things up. They'll tow you and your car home for free, but it's not available everywhere. Here's how to find out if it's available in your area.

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  4. Entertainment

    Geekosystem Podcast Episode 13 “Elfnog”

    It's our Christmas episode! We decided to celebrate by determining what liquor tastes best in eggnog with an "experiment." Sometimes experiments mean drinking at work. We're also joined again by Weekend Editor Sam Maggs to talk about our Editors' Picks for this week.

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  5. Science

    We Might Not Need Chemistry-Inspired Glassware, But We Sure Do Want Chemistry-Inspired Glassware

    Remember in high school chemistry class when your teacher repeatedly stressed in no uncertain terms that you shouldn't drink from the beakers, but how you really, really wanted to? Well now you can! Or at least that's what designer Marshall Jamshidi is hoping to make happen. He has a Kickstarter up for his set of scientifically inspired glassware called Periodic TableWare, and we now pine for it -- or whatever the scientific version of pining for something is.

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  6. Tech

    If You Drink and Drive in Minneapolis or St. Paul Your Name Will End Up on Twitter

    We all know the usual consequences of drinking and driving (see: Death), but the Department of Public Safety in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul wants to add another one -- shame. They're stepping up enforcement of drunk driving laws this weekend, and they'll be tweeting out the names of all the people they arrest for driving while intoxicated.

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  7. Weird

    Japanese Pub Serves Sixth-Graders Alcohol, Turns Out That’s Also Illegal In Japan

    Other countries have varying laws when it comes drinking ages, but I think most places agree that sixth-grade is a little young to get served in a bar. That didn't stop a pub in Yokohama City, Japan from serving a group of children alcohol. Despite legal action, the bar seems pretty blasé about the whole thing, with staff saying, "We kind of knew they were kids, but didn't bother checking their IDs."

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  8. Gaming

    Don’t Use Oculus Rift Drunk, Says Designer Who’s Missing the Point of Oculus Rift Entirely

    It's come to our attention that, in an interview with Joystiq, developer Palmer Luckey tried to dissuade customers from using the Oculus Rift gaming helmet while drunk. This means I have another question for Luckey: If I can't use this thing once I've got a couple of cold ones in me, then why, exactly, would I purchase one?

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  9. Science

    Nanocapsule Sobers Up Mice In Record Time, Could Lead To Pills That Stop Your Drunk Cold

    Have you ever gotten that kind of drunk where all you can do is watch the room spin and wish you weren't so drunk? It's alright -- most of us have been there. But UCLA researchers may have come up with a new method of sobering up quickly -- a nanocapsule full of enzymes that help digest alcohol. It's been shown to be a promising treatment to alleviate drunkenness in mice, and could one day mean a pill that sobers you up before the hangover sets in, or at least before you start saying unpleasant things about the bouncer's mom.

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  10. Weird

    Untappd Offers Premium Version to Track All Your Beer Drinking Stats

    Do you like beer? Do you like letting the Internet know every time you have a beer? Then you're probably already familiar with Untappd, an app that is "a social discovery and check-in network for anyone that enjoys beer," according to the description in the Google Play store. The app is free for Android and iOS, but they rolled out a premium version yesterday with some new features. Guess I'm hitting the liquor store on the way home tonight.

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  11. Weird

    Drink Mixing Typewriter Lets You Drink Your Words

    Morskoiboy over at has created an absolutely wonderous device I never knew I needed until I saw it in action: A typewriter that mixes drinks. That's right, this typewriter, instead of writing letters on paper, essentially writes letters in a glass. Through a crazy series of tubes, pumps and syringes (a detailed explanation of which you can find at his site) the user can press letter "keys" which will dispense liquid into the receptacle glass. The result is a cocktail with a word or a sentence for a recipe.

    I'll refrain from making a joke about eating your words, but really, how amazing of an idea is this? Of course, given that so many ingredients are used in such small amounts (unless you tweak letters to have the same liquid) chances are you'll get a mix that is pretty weird and either unremarkable or undrinkable. Still, how incredible must it be to suggest that someone try your favorite drink and be able to tell them the recipe is "mouse twinkies." I want this immediately.

    (via reddit)

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