1. Weird

    Colorado Town Shoots Down Proposal to Allow Residents to Shoot Down Drones

    Last year, we heard about a proposal in Deer Trail, Colorado that would allow residents to shoot down drones flying overhead in exchange for a bounty. A vote yesterday shot down the proposal and got rid of the town's mayor, who supported the plan. It looks like drone season will have to wait for another day.

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  2. Tech

    Innovative Dad Pulls Son’s Baby Tooth Using Flying Drone [Video]

    Apparently the "slamming door" method was just too boring for Malcolm Swan and his brave son, Adam. Instead, the pair removed Adam's baby tooth the good old fashioned way—by tying it to a DJI Phantom Quadcopter and then letting the drone rip. Sadly, Adam's tooth was never recovered, but I think the Tooth Fairy will still pay up.

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  3. Tech

    Drone Captures Incredible Footage of Dolphin Stampede

    Apparently there is a positive aspect to drones (besides their ability to deliver useless things to lazy people.) The technology offers a surprisingly noninvasive way to capture footage of wildlife—such as this insane video of a DOLPHIN STAMPEDE. Watch to the end for bonus baby humpbacks.

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  4. Tech

    Rolls Royce Wants to Launch a Fleet of Unmanned Drone Ships

    Apparently not only does Rolls Royce have a maritime division with the precious name Blue Ocean, but they also want to eliminate sailors from the high seas and change maritime law so they can launch a fleet of massive drone ships. Have at 'em, Pirates.

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  5. Tech

    We Tested (and Broke) the ThinkGizmos Turbo Drone Micro Quadcopter, Here’s What We Thought

    The nice people at sent us this adorable little drone to test out. It's the ThinkGizmos Turbo Drone Micro Quadcopter. We had dreams of interoffice aerial dominance, but our hopes were dashed when we realized this thing takes skill to fly—skill we do not have.

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  6. Tech

    UPS Wants in on the Drone Delivery Action, Could Beat Amazon to the Punch

    The Internet (and Geekosystem editors) had mixed reactions to Amazon's big drone delivery announcement Sunday night, but it looks like the trend is already catching on. UPS has been testing their own drone fleet, but could be using them for something else.

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  7. Tech

    Amazon Unveils Plan to Make Drone Deliveries a Reality, We Are Now Scared of Amazon

    You know the open, majestic skies of the American countryside? You know what those need more of? Drones. That's what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos thinks, anyway. Last night he revealed a plan for Amazon Prime Air, a delivery system that uses drones to bring stuff to you so you never have to get up or leave the house or move ever again. Hooray!

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  8. Entertainment

    Phoenix Filmed a Video for “Entertainment” with a Drone in Just One Take

    We don't pay attention to a lot of music videos on Geekosystem, but this one caught our eye because it's the band Phoenix performing their song "Entertainment" in one single take using a drone. Generally speaking? You film your music video with a drone and you have our attention. Doesn't hurt if you're Phoenix either, or if you shoot at Versailles.

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  9. Tech

    You Can Buy A Tiny Drone You Control From Your Smartphone, Get It In Time For The Holidays

    You know what's going to be weird in 5 years? trying to remember a time that the air around you was not swarming with tiny drones. We've seen inexpensive DIY drones before, but Hex -- a fully customizable, hackable nanocopter you can control with your smartphone -- takes the cake. It also takes pictures, so privacy lawyers, start your engines!

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  10. Tech

    Drone Strike: Quadrotor Camera Smacks Newlyweds During Photo Shoot [Video]

    When it's your wedding day you want everything to go off without a hitch, but when it's somebody else's wedding day sometimes those hitches are the best part. This video shows a newlywed couple getting smacked with a quadrotor drone camera during their photo shoot, and I can't stop laughing.

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  11. Tech

    Not Just for the Military Anymore: FAA Certifies Two Drones for Civilian Flights

    We cover a lot of drone stories on Geekosystem. We don't always agree on how they're being used, but we certainly agree that they're cool. We want a drone of our own, but that's been an unrealistic dream -- until now. The FAA has approved two drone models for civilian use. We're one step closer to a Geekosystem drone piloting the skies constantly on the lookout for geek news.

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  12. Tech

    Turn Anything In Your House Into A Flying Drone With This Drone-It-Yourself Kit [Video]

    Real talk? The skies of the future are going to be full of drones. Government drones, drones owned by companies, personal drones, drones for surveillance, drones for environmental protection, drones delivering pizzas. For our part, we believe that if the skies are going to be crowded with nightmarish flying robots watching our every step, some of them may as well be creatively designed. That's where this handy kit designed by Jasper van Loenen comes in. Using a few simple 3D-printed parts, you can turn "droneify" pretty much anything you own.

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  13. Tech

    FBI Drones Are Engaged in Surveillance Over the U.S.

    At a hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee earlier today, FBI Director Robert Mueller said that the agency uses unmanned drones to conduct surveillance in the United States. The admission came in response to questioning from Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA). According to Mueller, drones are used by the FBI to carry out domestic surveillance missions "in a very, very minimal way, and seldom.”

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  14. Tech

    But What Do You Tip? Sushi Restaurant Brings In Flying Drones To Wait Tables

    The role of a waiter is a fairly straightforward one that really hasn't changed much for most of human history...until we arrived at the Age of the Food Service Drone, that is. A sushi restaurant in London has taken that bold step forward by delivering its new rice burgers to sidewalk tables on trays carried by iPad-controlled quadrocopters.

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  15. Tech

    Domino’s Drone Delivers Unnerving Vision of Grim Future, Also Pizza

    Love getting pizza delivered straight to your door but wish there were a way to further minimize human interaction in the course of your day? Domino's is here to help, using flying drones to send pizzas to the homes of hungry customers, because if there's anything better than pizza -- and I'm not saying there is -- it's pizza brought to you by a robot.

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