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    Sony Wants You to Know All About the Sweet Features on the PlayStation 4 Controller [Video]

    Per Sony's reveal of the PlayStation 4, we already knew a whole bunch about their latest and greatest controller -- the DualShock 4. The Share button, touchpad, and all that jazz. We've seen it from afar and in photos, but now Sony's released a video that showcases exactly what features on the DualShock 4 they think are pretty awesome.

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    Here’s What We Know About the PlayStation 4 So Far

    Well, folks, the future is now. Just like everyone expected, Sony announced the PlayStation 4 at their event last night. The revelation was rather quick, but then they spent almost two hours discussing the console's controller, video games, and assorted details. So, what exactly is different with this iteration of the PlayStation? What games are set to launch with it, and what's up with the new controller? All these questions and more are answered just below.

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