dumb ways to die

  1. Weird

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s an Insane Animation With Video Games, Rocket Launchers, Assassinations, and Love

    People have differing opinions about Valentine's Day, but we think this video covers just about all of them. There's a love story, an assassination plot, rockets, video games, satellites, ice cream, and Tuzki--whatever Tuzki is.

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  2. Gaming

    See Some of the Dumbest Ways to Die in Video Games in New Parody

    Even though the original is only a few weeks old, we've already seen a few parodies of "Dumb Ways to Die." Up until now our favorite one feature the Curiosity rover, but that was until we saw this one. If there's anything that can unseat science in our hearts it's video games. Here we have a compilation by YouTube user Megasteakman of some of the dumbest, and most infuriating ways to die in video games. The Battletoads line hits close to home. We know that feel, bro.

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