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  1. Entertainment

    Cautiously Optimistic: Warcraft Film Picks Up Moon Director

    We're probably the last people that you'd expect to be excited for a film set in the universe of World of Warcraft, but that's the position we find ourselves in now. The movie, Warcraft, is supposed to be a live-action version that takes on Blizzard's franchise, but video game movies are notoriously awful. We've been burned before. That's not to mention the fact that the Warcraft mythos is sprawling and any slight miscalculation on the film's part will be seen as a travesty. Even so, it's been revealed that Duncan Jones, director of sci-fi darling Moon, will be at the helm, and that's left us cautiously optimistic.

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  2. Space

    Simulated Mission To Mars Becomes Real-Life Drama

    Even as the Obama Administration plans to scrap human space exploration and the prospect of manned missions to Mars becomes more remote than ever, the insurmountable odds haven't stopped The Mars Society from conducting ongoing simulations and research into what challenges humans will face should we make it to the Red Planet. But there's a surprising degree of drama behind their work:

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