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    David A. Trampier, Defining Illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons, Has Passed Away

    If you don't recognize the name "David A. Trampier," you're probably not alone—while his work on Advanced Dungeons & Dragons was considered iconic of an entire series for generations of fans, he tended to shy away from the spotlight. Now, sadly, a local paper in his hometown is reporting news of his death.

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    Community Report Season 5 Episode 10 “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

    Another Dungeons & Dragons episode! Worth it. This one focused on Hickey... kind of. The plot worked, but it was more of an excuse to have everyone play out a ridiculous D&D scenario again, which is just fine by me.

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  3. Entertainment

    That Chick Tract About Dungeons & Dragons Is Getting Made Into a Movie

    Everyone knows that Dungeons & Dragons is a secret tool of the devil to lure young, impressionable minds away from their rightful savior and forever trap their souls in unholy perdition, right? Well, in case you didn't know, the upcoming Zombie Orpheus Entertainment-produced film Dark Dungeons is going to set you straight this summer.

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  4. Entertainment

    Dan Harmon Teases Us With Talk Of A Dungeons And Dragons Movie

    I get it, SXSW: you're too cool for school, AKA me. But must you pour salt in my blogger wounds by teasing the world with pitches for glorious movie ideas that will likely never come to be?

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  5. Entertainment

    Not Only Does Ice-T Have His Own Podcast, He Also Recorded a Dungeons and Dragons Audiobook

    Sometimes, the Internet Powers That Be are good and just. For every disgusting creepshot subreddit or terrible Kickstarter scam, they give us about five minutes worth of audio in which Law and Order: SVU's Ice-T tries to explain a Dungeons and Dragons audiobook he recently recorded. Yes, this is indeed most pleasing to us.

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  6. Weird

    Shut It Down, Nerds: Dungeons & Dragons Themed Yoga Exists

    Congratulations, Hipster Brooklyn! You've done it. You've taken what's stereotypically known as the lamest, most nerdiest thing you can possibly ever do with your free time and made it even more embarrassing to talk about with strangers. And you didn't even need to add any kale!

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  7. Entertainment

    Siri Tries Her Hand At Dungeon Mastering Again in A Game Of Dungeons and Dragons [Video]

    It's been a couple of months since Nick Douglas introduced Siri to the world of Dungeons &Dragons, and since then she's gotten a lot better at understanding the whole "fictional power fantasy" thing that makes D&D so great. Too bad this time around, Nick isn't taking the game very seriously. Well, too bad for Siri. For us, it's great.

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  8. Gaming

    How Dungeons and Dragons Changed the World for Geeks and Gaming [Video]

    Whether or not you've ever rolled a character sheet or not -- that's what you do in D&D, right? Up 'till now I've been in the "not" category, but I'm playing my first game on Monday so I need to bone up -- you can't deny that the classic tabletop RPG Dungeons and Dragons has had a profound influence on geek and gamer culture. At least, PBS Off Book certainly thinks so, and their latest video is all about the community surrounding this much beloved game. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have 48 hours to learn what a "grapple check" is.

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  9. Gaming

    D&D Next and Why it is Your Duty to Play it

    You and your fellow adventurers are standing in a dimly lit dungeon. Through the mist, you see the silhouette of something the likes of which you have never seen. Emerging from the grey dungeon mist, you finally catch sight of it: It's D&D Next! Roll for initiative.

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  10. Gaming

    Random Encounter NYCC: Luke Crane, Inventor of the Burning Wheel and Mouse Guard RPGs

    Though New York Comic Con has come and gone, we here at Geekosystem were lucky enough to meet up with some amazing people at the massive celebration of all things geeky. Here's an account of some of the mysterious creatures that leapt out and attacked us along our epic quest. The only thing between Luke Crane and myself is a box set of his latest roleplaying game creation. He didn't know I was coming, and I didn't know I was going to see him, but it quickly becomes obvious that it didn't matter all that much to him. Crane, who is the creator of the Burning Wheel roleplaying system, is a fast thinker and a fast talker. There's nothing wasted about this man -- he's slim, with close cropped hair and a sharp mind. Which only makes sense, since Crane has spawned games that have cut to the very heart of roleplaying, and reworked it from the inside out in his games. For the uninitiated, Burning Wheel is a pencil and paper role playing game in the vein of Dungeons and Dragons. There are dice, there are sheets of paper, and the players say their intentions instead of moving pieces around a board. But Burning Wheel, while drawing from the traditions established by D&D, is very much its own game. To take a superficial difference, the iconic 20-sided dice of D&D will find no home on a Burning Wheel table. The game shirks such exotic things, and uses simple, ubiquitous six-sided dice instead. But as a game, there are deeper, subtler differences.

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  11. Entertainment

    12 Things You’ll See Before You Die [Infographic]

    There's always buzz about when the next PlayStation or Xbox is going to come out, or who's going to win the next presidential election, but have you ever thought about how many more PlayStations, Xboxes or presidential elections you're going to see before you bite the dust? Well, whether or not you have, this original Geekosystem infographic will tell you. By doing a little research, a couple of maths and ignoring a massive number of potential variables like premature death, bankruptcy, game-changing inventions, and the end of the world, I came up with 12 things that you will see before you die. Get ready to get pumped for the PlayStation 11.

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  12. Gaming

    Adorable Dungeons and Dragons Love Song [Video]

    Have you ever been sitting there at othe card table set up in Bernie's basement, looking at that special someone over a pile of GameFuel cans? The way he or she holds those 20-sided dice, and how she or he always remembers your stats so you don't have to look them up. When he or she looked you in the eye, you knew this person had just rolled a natural 20 -- straight to your heart. (via Topless Robot)

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  13. Geekolinks

    Geekolinks: 2/12

    Zach Anner is back! (ZachAnner on YouTube) A Love Poem to Video Games (Kotaku) 93% of parents are around when video games are purchased. Hm. (Entertainment Software Association) LEGOs make even A Clockwork Orange adorable! (Surf With Berserk) Neil Gaiman on Internet piracy, selling more books (OpenRightsGroup on YouTube) How to introduce your kids to D&D (The Mule Abides) Anatomical sleeping bag. Thank you, Japan. (Weekly ASCII Store) (Top pic via Neatorama)

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    This 2011 Calendar is a 12-Sided Die

    If you thought you were "done with" Dungeons & Dragons, take a look at that 12-sided calender and just try not to want it. Available for download (and self-assembly) at Craft Meister, the 2011 Dodecahedron Cube Calender is available in 10 different colors and patterns for free. (via Craft Meister via Nerdvana)

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    Settlers of Catan Looks Awesome On the Microsoft Surface

    We personally got a look at 4th edition D&D on the Microsoft Surface at this year's PAX East, and even though purchasing one is just a leeetle bit outside our price range for gaming accessories ($10,000) we still get super excited to see what new features get rolled out for the product. Why? Because it reminds us that we live in the future now.

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