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    Electric Man Is the Small Scottish Indie Film the Internet Deserves, and the One It Needs Right Now

    What if Dante and Randal from Clerks were Scottish, ran a comic book shop, and were involved in a caper? Well then you'd have Electric Man, and that's actually something you're probably going to want to get your hands on. It's available on DVD now.

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    Review: The Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Thrillers

    This year Warner Bros. is celebrating 90 years of movies with box sets of 20 DVDs of varying genres, and the latest installment is The Best of Warner Bros. 20 Film Collection: Thrillers. It features some of the best (20 of them, in fact) Warner Bros. movies of the last 90 years, though we're not sure they all count as thrillers.

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    Doing It Right: Wreck-It Ralph Available for Download Before DVD and Blu-Ray

    Wreck-It Ralph was perhaps, without a doubt, one of the greatest odes to the modern video game industry as a whole and the golden age of video arcades during the early '80s. As such, if you're one of the unfortunate few that happened to miss it, well, it's a downright shame. Luckily, Disney won't have people waiting too long for a market release as the company has announced that Wreck-It Ralph will be available on February 12th... only as a digital download and via streaming services in both HD and 3D. That's right, those with mobile devices and computers will be kicking back and enjoying Wreck-It Ralph in a few weeks, while everyone else anticipating a DVD and Blu-Ray release is going to have to sit tight and ride it out until springtime.

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    Look At This Ridiculous Straight-to-DVD Madagascar Ripoff

    You've been to the bargain DVD bin before, just admit it. Sometimes, you get some gems for five bucks, and other times, you buy the worst possible thing you can find because it's only five bucks and should provide a couple hours of awful fun. This pretty obvious Madagascar ripoff, Life's a Jungle: Africa's Most Wanted, seems like it would struggle to provide even said awful kind of fun. The story revolves around pampered pup Pip, who gets accidentally left in the jungle when what seems to be a rhinoceros smashes into his family's safari jeep and Pip is flung overboard, and forced to adapt to the harsh realities of the jungle. Seriously, watch the trailer, and check out the DVD box art below the break.

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  5. Tech

    DVDs and Blu-Rays Will Now Contain Two Unskippable, Ten Second Copyright Warnings

    Remember that old FBI warning before movies that you probably don't notice anymore because there's a decent chance you exclusively use streaming services to watch your movies and television shows now? Remember how it was always annoying that, whenever you popped in a DVD, you couldn't skip that warning, as your DVD player would inform you that the operation could not be completed? Well, it's about to get even more annoying for DVD and Blu-ray owners. That single, unskippable FBI warning is multiplying, and now DVDs and Blu-rays from six major studios will carry two unskippable, ten second warnings.

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    You Can Now Sign Up for Netflix DVD Rental Only, If You Want

    Remember back in the dark ol' days of 2011, when Netflix was preparing to tear itself asunder and spin off their DVD rental service into a horrifically named service called Qwikster? Well, now you can have the same experience without the terrible name, as Netflix has announced that you can now sign up directly for a DVD-only plan. It's a thing you can do.

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    Bandai Entertainment Shutters Its Anime Operation, Scraps New Titles

    Bandai Entertainment has announced that it will no longer publish new manga, DVD, or Blu-ray titles as of February 2012. The company will be restructuring, taking its dedicated staff down from five to three, and will entirely change focus. Instead of new releases, the Bandai Entertainment will shift over solely to merchandising, broadcast licensing, and digital distribution.

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    Pirates of Dark Water Finally Coming to DVD Tomorrow

    Chunga lunga! Seventeen years after the premature cancelation of the dark, weird, and wonderful Pirates of Dark Water, all 21 episodes from the show's original run will be coming to DVD as of tomorrow. We may not know what happened to the last five Treasures of Rule, but this is a decent consolation prize. TV Shows on DVD:

    Warner Brothers is releasing Pirates of Darkwater - The Complete Series on ... August 31st. Cost is $29.95 for a 4-disc set, which runs 462 minutes long for all 21 episodes of the show's run in the early '90s. Pirates of Darkwater - The Complete Series will not be available in local stores, but instead is found exclusively at Warner's online outlet, The WB Shop (, and is available to pre-order right now (when you land at the site, just use the "search" field in the upper right and start typing in "Pirates"; it will auto-fill in with the title for you to click on). You can pre-order your copy this minute, and it will ship out beginning next Tuesday.

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    Avatar Coming to DVD on Earth Day: No Special Features, No Ads, Just Movie

    Your first chance to grab Avatar on DVD will come next month on Earth Day, April 22nd. However, there is a twist. On the one hand, this release is the bare-bones one. No special features. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Times reports, "According to sources at Fox, "Avatar" will make history as the first Blu-ray new release from a major studio to hit stores without a single trailer or promotional content of any kind." That's right. Just a menu and the movie, so as to reserve the most disc space for all that less-compressed visual and audio data.

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