1. Tech

    Rising eReader Use Does Not Mean Books Are Dead

    Holiday sales figures are in, and not surprisingly tablets and eReaders were popular gifts this year. Amazon is reporting that Cyber Monday was the best-ever sales day for their Kindle line. A new Pew Research poll shows more people are reading books electronically than ever before, and fewer people are reading physical books now than last year. People reading books electronically doesn't mean printed books are dead. Kindles don't come with the stipulation that, if you own one, you have to burn all your books and vow to never buy one again. You can have both, and, if you're an avid reader, you probably should.

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  2. Gaming

    Doom II Running on e-Ink e-Reader [Video]

    Not to be outdone by its predecessor, Doom--basically the "Hello, world!" of video games--the above video shows Doom II being run on an e-Reader. What makes Doom II's appearance impressive, though, is that the e-Reader in question, a Pocketbook 360 Plus prototype, sports an e-Ink screen, rather than some fancy tablet-style screen. The e-Reader is running a Linux port of Doom II, called PrBoom. Though the FPS of the game in the above video isn't exactly amazing, it is pretty impressive for being displayed on an e-Ink screen, which happens to be an e-Ink Vizplex V110, with the rest of the unit running on 128 MB of RAM and a FreeScale i.MX35 ARM11 533MHz CPU.

    (via Jitbit)

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  3. Tech

    What’s the Deal with the New Nook Color?

    Barnes & Noble announced a major update to their Nook e-reader line yesterday: The Nook Color. The device has a 7 inch full color LCD touchscreen with a 1024x600 resolution with 16 million colors, has a film on the screen to help reduce glare, runs on Android, has 8 gigabytes of storage, and has built-in WiFi, as well as integration with Facebook and Twitter. It'll be launching at a $249 price point and will be shipped starting November 19. Barnes & Noble seems to be marketing the Nook Color as a hybrid e-reader and tablet computer, though from various impressions around the web, the device is being met with mixed reviews. Read on past the jump for a mini round-up of praise and criticism.

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