1. Weird

    Australian Eagle Steals Wildlife Camera, Takes Selfies, Wins Our Hearts

    Hey, Australia. You know that wildlife camera you put out by the Kimberly Margaret River? Yeah. That belongs to the eagles now. Watch as the camera gets carted off by a sea eagle. It seems even eagles can't resisted taking pics of the wing when they're flying, or snapping selfies when it gets home. We love you, eagle.

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  2. Weird

    Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife, Fake Eagles Snatchin’ Everybody Out Here

    Death from the skies! There's a video on YouTube right now that allegedly shows a golden eagle swooping down in a park and attempting to carry off a small child. Golden eagles are one of the largest birds in North America, but could one actually lift a baby? Nope. They can't. There were few things about this video that made us suspicious, and with good reason. It turns out it was fake after all.

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  3. Science

    Wounded Eagle Gets Fancy New 3D Printed Beak

    "What do you get the bald eagle who has everything?" Probably a rotting fish or something. They love that kind of thing. It's pretty obvious that you get a bald eagle with a mangled beak that prevents it from eating and cleaning itself a new beak, though. That's certainly no small task, but it's one the folks at raptor sanctuary Birds of Prey Northwest have officially risen to, using a 3D printer to craft a brand new beak for Beauty, a disabled bald eagle who has been in the sanctuary's care since she was shot in the face by a poacher in 2005.

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