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    This Can’t Be True: Next Xbox Games Will Only Work for First Owner

    The rumor that Microsoft will eliminate the second-hand market for games on its next Xbox console has popped up before, but we dismissed it as sheer lunacy. New details point to that rumor possibly being true, as well as a few other details about the new system. Could this be the end of second-hand games?

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    The Humble Indie Android Bundle

    As if Android users didn't already have enough to distract them while on the go, there's now a Humble Indie Bundle just for them. In the usual Humble Indie Bundle state of things, they're offering some great indie games, free of DRM, that works on multiple platforms, and costs you exactly how much you want it to. Yes, you can pay $0.01 if you really want to. This time around, the games involved are Anomaly, Osmos, EDGE, and if you pay above the current bundle average price (as of this post, it is $4.97), you get one of the best indie games in recent memory, World of Goo, along with the rest. Along with the games, you'll also receive the games' soundtracks, which is another one of World of Goo's strengths. Head on past the break and check out the trailer, and head on over and grab your Android bundle.

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