1. Science

    New Theory Tries To Explain Why Dinosaurs Grew So Huge — Especially Their Amazing Necks

    Paleontologists  struggle with a lot of mysteries in their field of study, not the least of which is exactly what allowed some dinosaurs to get so insanely huge. In particular, the enormous necks of sauropods like brachiosaurus, diplodocus, or sauroposeidon (tallest of all dinosaurs, 56 feet in height) have long baffled researchers.Well, there's a new theory about this, as some scientists suggest that unique respiratory traits and reptilian reproduction strategies allowed for such tremendous sizes and necks that have been unparalleled by any creature since.

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  2. Science

    Nothing Personal: Ants Execute Their Own To Prevent Damaging Population Booms

    Around many ant colonies, laying eggs is a one-woman-show, the duty of the queen ant. It's a facet so ingrained in ants that a number of species have been known to drag females who start laying eggs out of the colony, biting and stinging them to death, a behavior that has been seen in the past as a move to eliminate competition to the queen. According to new research published this week in the journal Current Biology, though, the executions have nothing to do with competition among ants and everything to do with the health of the colony as a whole, suggesting the execution may be analogous to a cellular immune response in other animals.

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  3. Science

    Chicken and Egg Both Came Before This Chicken or the Egg Video

    It's a question that many have pondered: Which came first, chicken or the egg? The obvious argument is that the chicken couldn't have been born without an egg, but an egg couldn't have been laid without the chicken. Folks go back and forth, and it typically descends into a cyclical conversation where each side constantly says the other is wrong without being able to really disprove legitimate assertions. It's certainly a quandary when taken at face value, but when you break it down, as AsapSCIENCE has, there's really only one answer.

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  4. Science

    Prehistoric Nest Suggests Flamingos are Among the Planet’s Longest-Surviving Species

    The extremely exclusive list of prehistoric creatures that are still alive and kicking just got a little bigger. Based on creatures like the horseshoe crab and the crocodile, known for evolving to their modern forms millions of year ago, you might expect the new addition to be reptilian or some deep-sea creature. You'd probably never even think about the majestic flamingo, which scientists believe may have been around over 18 million years ago.

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  5. Weird

    Look at the Gross Thing That Came Out of This Egg

    This lovely mystery thing pictured above came out of an egg. Take a guess at what you think it might be, then head on past the break for what one Poultry Scientist -- which is also somewhat of a mystery thing -- thinks it is.

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  6. Weird

    Bacon and Egg Ice Cream

    Breakfast burritos are fairly common nowadays, so maybe it isn't such a surprise that Instructables user makendo has created a recipe that provides the world with easy, do-it-yourself bacon and egg ice cream. Details after the break.

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  7. Weird

    Virgin Boy Eggs, Eggs Soaked in the Urine of Boys Below the Age of 10, are a Delicacy in a Chinese Town

    When visiting different parts of the world, one generally notices the local popular food item. New York is full of street hot dogs, South Florida is full of latin food, England is full of tea and meat pies, and the Chinese city of Dongyang is full of eggs soaked in the urine of boys under the age of ten. They're called "virgin boy eggs," the urine is collected from primary schools, and they're a local delicacy.

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  8. Weird

    Egg, Shoes Thrown at Creator of China’s Great Firewall

    Various news outlets are reporting that Chinese police are investigating an incident in which an egg and shoes were thrown at Fang Binxing, the computer scientist credited with creating The Great Firewall of China. While we in the U.S. enjoy nearly unfettered access to the web, Chinese denizens are often blocked from information deemed unsavory or dangerous by authorities. The attack occurred on May 19th, during a lecture Binxing was giving at Wuhan University. Evidence of the attack comes from Twitter user "Hanunyi," who posted a picture of an egg in a hand and a tweet saying that egg and one of the two thrown shoes missed. The user, said to be a student, is attributed with hurling the egg and shoes. Obviously, one angry man does is not a fair indicator of how one the most populous nation on the planet feels about Internet censorship, but other reports seem to indicate that some Chinese bloggers are very supportive of Hanunyi. For his protest, Hanunyi has apparently been offered cash and other gifts. Though surely one shoe is not going to end censorship in China, it will be interesting to see how this plays out and if it will inspire others as shoe-throwing activism has in the past. (UK Independent via Reddit, AP via Wikipedia)

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  9. Tech

    Pinhole Cameras Made Out of Hollow Eggs, Break Shell to See Picture

    Using blown eggs (basically empty, but complete, eggshells), Francesco Capponi made pinhole cameras that capture somewhat creepy negative photos. Dubbed the Pinhegg, the camera can only take one photo, because the eggshell must be broken in order to see the actual photo, thus destroying the camera. Head on over to Lomography to check out Capponi's instructions on how to make the camera, and head on past the break to see a few more of the photos.

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  10. Science

    This Is an Actual Eggshell, Carved to Its Bare Minimum

    Instructables member bbstudio set out to carve an eggshell as much as possible while still retaining the shape and the image of the egg; this was the result. "Yes, it is a real goose egg shell. I use a high speed engraving tool called a paragraver and a very light touch. I hold them in my hand while I carve them ... There is no resin involved. As a matter of fact, this egg is still not treated with anything." (Instructables via MAKE)

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  11. Science

    Big Egg Contains Smaller Egg, is Kind of Gross [Video]

    We've all seen two yolks come out of an egg before, but we've probably never had two yolks pop out of an egg because the second yoke was inside another egg, which is exactly what happens in this clip from Japan. I took the high road and didn't make any Eggception jokes, but you can go right ahead and do so. I'll help you out: "Yo dawg, I heard you like eggs, so [enter joke here]."

    (via YouTube Trends)

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  12. Science

    Labeled Eggs Are Cool, Remind You How Much Cholesterol Eggs Have

    How many of us have been standing over a hot skillet, egg in hand, breakfast nearly made, and paralyzed with dread about the exact nutrition information for the chicken ovum you're about to prepare? Too many. But thanks to some clever folks on the Internet and your handy-dandy EggBot egg printing system, you can have all the egg-related nutrition information right at your fingertips! No longer will you wonder how much sodium (65mg) or cholesterol (215mg) is in each egg. Throw off the yolk (no pun intended) of oppression, and embrace the new egg-based knowledge economy! This is where I tip my hand and admit that I had no idea what an EggBot was at first. Thankfully, I do now. Having seen what they're capable of, I know that my future has a lot of instant noodles in it while I scrimp and save to buy one. (Makerbot via BoingBoing, image via Thingiverse)

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  13. Gaming

    The Ocarina of Egg

    We already knew you could make an ocarina out of wood, clay, bone, gourd, or plastic, and that sometimes elf chicks or princesses will give them to you, but YouTuber heita3 has now shown us that you can make an ocarina out of an egg. (h/t Make ) Provided you have a couple different drill bits, a light touch, and probably a lot of patience.  Be prepared to hear every song from your Beginner's Piano Workbook

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