1. Tech

    Tell Your Loved Ones You’re Not Dead With New Microsoft HelpBridge App

    When a disaster strikes, it's good to be prepared. Having a plan in place to quickly contact your loved ones and tell them you're okay -- or to tell them you aren't -- can go a long way during the first hectic minutes of a tragedy. Microsoft wants to help people streamline their emergency contact plans with their new HelpBridge app. It can quickly post to Facebook, send texts, or email contacts if you're in an emergency. If you're not the one in the middle of an emergency, HelpBridge lets you easily donate when disaster strikes elsewhere.

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  2. Weird

    Ambulance Booted While Responding to Medical Emergency, Confirms People Are Just Awful

    If there's one thing folks usually recognize as being important and worth their respect, it's emergency vehicles. If an ambulance or fire engine is careening down the street with its lights on, chances are that the driver is responding to some kind of kerfuffle. It's pretty unlikely that they're just flicking switches because they feel like it. The same goes for when an ambulance is parked with its lights going. That didn't stop one particularly vigilant New Orleans convenient store from booting an ambulance yesterday, though.

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  3. Science

    What is a Frankenstorm? We Break Down the Monster Hurricane Sandy May Become

    The storm -- or series of storms led by Hurricane Sandy -- that looks more and more likely to make landfall on the Eastern Seaboard this weekend already seems to have everyone on this side of the country shaking in their rubber masks. What exactly is a "Frankenstorm," though? Just a handy name for a bad storm in keeping with the Halloween season? Or can we actually expect the weather to raise the dead from their graves, only to be tragically misunderstood as a result of this hurricane? Keep reading and we'll break down everything you need to know about the scariest part of the weekend for plenty of people.

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