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  1. Entertainment

    Doctor Who Fans Petition Empire State Building To Light Up TARDIS Blue on November 23rd

    The iconic Empire State Building here in New York City changes the color of its lights at the top of the building to celebrate certain occasions. As far as we know it's never celebrated Doctor Who, and fans of the show want that to change. Someone has started a petition to get the building lit up TARDIS blue on November 23rd.

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  2. Tech

    Tourism Fail: New York City’s Apple Store Its 5th Most Photographed Landmark

    Move over, Statue of Liberty: You've been beaten by the 5th Ave. Apple Store on the list of New York City's most photographed landmarks.  While not quite as popular as the Empire State Building (#1), Times Square (#2), Rockefeller Center (#3), or Grand Central (#4), Apple's subterranean glass cube with its transporter-like cylindrical elevator is apparently a must-see stop on every tourist's itinerary.

    In global rankings, the Apple Store is the 28th most photographed landmark ON EARTH.

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